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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Don't Foreign Leaders Bow To Obama?

Barack Obama has a long history as President of bowing to foreign leaders, the latest being the President of China.

Media Matters, which has a good roundup of reaction, says there is a "tired obsession with Obama's supposed 'bowing.'"

I assume the defense is that Obama is not expressing subservience, but rather, being multi-culturally sensitive, and acting out of respect for other cultures.

Does Obama ask himself the following question:
"If bowing is a sign of respect, why don't these leaders bow to me?"
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  1. If he were truly sensitive to other cultures, he would have a better understanding of the bow and its proper use. He clearly does not, therefore he presents himself as an insensitive ass.

    A subservient one at that.

  2. The leader doesn't even have to be foreign, just foreign looking. There is a picture of BO bowing to the asain american mayor of Tampa.

  3. Well, I always liked IMAO's comment when discussing the first Saudi bow... He said something like this. "It is wrong to sugges that Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia...

    "He bent his knees, so technically its curtsey."

    But look, you are not being fair. See Obama wears contacts, and every time he meets a bad guy, just just the bad luck to lose a contact and start looking for one.

    And really, if it wasn't so shameful, why don't his people admit it?

    Personally i have gotten outrage fatigue, so now when i see him do it again, i groan and move on with life.

  4. Bowing to the Florida mayor... does that count as being culturally sensitive? And I don't believe SHE returned the bow, either.

  5. Well, whatsa matta with these other presidents and such?
    Don't they realize he's the Tsar King of America?
    No one else has had the temerity to appoint so many, uh, Czar's as he.
    Maybe he's King happy?
    I heard that groan.

  6. His body language is a clear indication that he's not 'il capo di tutti capi'. He's a Trojan Horse - a device. A shill for several Chicagoan factions, he's gauche and he can't possibly deliver. He hasn't made his bones for any of the wiseguys he's beholden to, so far. At best he's a ham actor. Come the right moment, one of the crews will whack him; mark my words!

  7. "If bowing is a sign of respect, why don't these leaders bow to me?"

    Thank you. That has always bothered me. Multi-cultural my behind. If that was the case then they would have bowed to him in exchange. However, if only one person does it, that equates to subservience.

    Oh well, that's Barack "Bend Over" Obama for ya!

  8. He's not even bowing correctly.

    You're not supposed to lose eye contact with the person you're bowing to. EVER.

    I'm quite surprised his people allow him to make such an ass out of himself on the world stage.

  9. Sorry, hit the wrong button and deleted this comment:

    bullmoosegal has left a new comment on your post "Why Don't Foreign Leaders Bow To Obama?":

    When a bow to the Tampa mayor is included, he has no reason to claim cultural sensitivity. And the fact that Hu remained proudly upright (and amused by his expression), should tell anyone who was actually culturally sensitive that they're enjoying the, yes, subservience.

  10. First of all, if Media Matters was presented with video of Obama drowning puppies, they'd write that the problem with puppies is that they drink too much water sometimes.
    Second, this is Media Matters.
    Third, this bowing is asinine no matter how you cut it. He bows to some and not to others - when he is the head of the most powerful country in the world. No one can get a straight answer out of either Obama or his sycopants. So far, he's bowed to the Saudi King, the Emperor of Japan, the Chinese Premier and the Mayor of Tampa. What the hell is that about? And why did Brian Williams, that silly goof, bow to Obama that time when we caught him on video? Somewhere there has to be a Liberal to tell us the truth on the Liberal insight into all this grovelling and bowing going on.

  11. Miss Sharp, may I respectfully disagree. I believe that in some Asian cultures, bowing was not only a sign of submission but also that you didn't dare make eye contact with the person you were bowing to lest you be punished or killed for it. This was true at least in Japan back in the day, as far as I know.
    Which of course, makes it all the worse that Teleprompter Jesus keeps doing it. When does the sitting President of the United States of America bow to the sitting Mayor of Tampa, Florida?

  12. Ooops. 'sycophants' two posts up.

  13. I suggest that you've all missed the point. Obama isn't bowing. He's mooning the American people.

  14. Most of the recipients of Obowmao's bows are "filty stinking rich" (as Rush just described them) dictators. He does it because
    1. He worships these people, and
    2. He 100% despises us and wants to show it.

    Oh, our revenge is going to be enormous and sweeeet.

  15. He knows Americans detest his bowing...He does it to insult YOU!...It's just more passive aggessive behavior from the adolescent in chief...He loves to show his disdain for America in cryptic ways. He and his inner circle probably share many laughs at our expense. He's King of the World. He can do whatever he wants and the useless idiots still love him.