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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sheldon Whitehouse for Sup Ct?

Someone, somewhere is stoking the notion of Sheldon Whitehouse for the Supreme Court spot being vacated by John Paul Stevens. From the Providence Journal:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, the Rhode Island Democrat, has appeared on some early lists of prospects whom President Obama may consider - or is being urged to consider - to replace the retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

In an item published on-line within hours of the Stevens announcement Friday, liberal blogger Paul Abrams put Whitehouse at the top of a list that the Huffington Post dubbed "Superb 'Out of the Box' Suggestions'' for the nomination.

Abrams declared that Whitehouse, a former Rhode Island attorney general, has "the sharpest mind in the Senate.'' Lawyers who present oral arguments in Supreme Court cases "would have to triple their preparation to meet his withering questioning,'' Abrams wrote. That was an apparent reference to the senator's work posing questions to witnesses before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Also on Friday, Time magazine's Web page listed Whitehouse - along with fellow Sen. Amy Klobuchar, another Judiciary Committee Democrat elected in 2006 - among more than a dozen second-tier prospects for the high court.

Saturday's Washington Post likewise put Whitehouse, Klobuchar and Massachusetts Gov. Deval L. Patrick under the heading of "politicians mentioned'' for the job.

Here is why it will not happen:

On the other hand, it would make for a really fun summer. So bring it on.

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  1. Wow.

    Another perfectly good Democrat throws himself upon the sword that is Barack Obama.

  2. This could be a good thing: Rhode Island has a Republican Governor.....who could appoint a GOP Senator to replace Whitehouse, without worrying about a special election in November.......hmmm this could help us.

  3. If Sheldon is the sharpest mind in the Senate, that would explain a lot.

    He is as corrupt as he is dim. God help America if this is the President's choice.

  4. That's a sharp mind? It will take triple the prep to prepare for reasoning of that caliber?

    I mean it is a step up in brainpower from the Island tipping hand-wringer I'll admit. But to call this guy an intellectual heavy hitter is to reveal a mediocre intellect in the observer.

  5. Well, he's not stupid--he was in my class at UVA law, but he is a liberal and therefore falls into one of the three liberal categories: ignorant, willfully ignorant, or evil. At our 20 year class reunion, he actually hit us up for money to run for Congress. Tacky in the extreme.

  6. I rather enjoyed his remarks on the "death of insurance companies" as a result of Obamacare. Yes, Senator Whitehouse, I see no better way to punish those big insurance giants than to force every American to purchase their product. They will no doubt drown in the huge pile of money they stand to make. Good show!

  7. Wow, this choice would be as bad as Dean Koh or Cass Sunstein. Whitehouse is blatantly, and unapologetically liberal, and would be the wrong choice for the Court. However, I doubt the Republicans would filibuster his nomination because he is one of their own.

    It is sad that no matter who Obama appoints, they will be relatively young, and undoubtedly liberal - whether it is Elena Kagan, Judge Wood, Senator Whitehouse, Dean Koh or Cass Sunstein.

  8. More incorrect speculation. If you wer right about something....well that is too much to ask for.