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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Media Still In The Tank For Obama, Big Time

The jobs numbers released yesterday were nothing to cheer. Strip out the temporary hiring of Census workers, and a weather-related adjustment from February, and there was almost no net job growth.

As the stagnant 9.7% overall jobless rate reflected, there was no meaningful job improvement.

But you would not know it from reading the headlines. As during the campaign, the mainstream media echo-chamber fell all over the facts in the hopes of spinning things Obama's way:The negative facts, well those were buried deep in the articles. It took the NY Times several paragraphs of fawning cheerleading to get to the bad news:
The March report may have been inflated, though, by a rebound from February when many people could not work because of snowstorms. Additionally, nearly a third of the hiring in March was temporary work on the 2010 census.
Well, you don't say. In other words, the spin about the good news was based on the same gimmicks as the Stimulus Plan and health care bill. Spin upon spin by the permanent Obama campaign and its media servants.

Think Republicans have a good chance of taking back the House, and getting close in the Senate?

Remember that Republicans are running not just against Democrats, but against the mainstream media, thrill running up its leg and all.

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  1. Most of them can't back out of the all-or-nothing, bet-the-house gamble on Obama... they went too far with it to turn back now without firing the whole news staff. Some of that might be seen after November in an act of self-preservation, although you'd think the letter networks' tanking ratings would have snapped them out of it by now.

    Like narcissists do so well, The One's got their fates intertwined now- and the MSM will be headed off the cliff along with Obama and his party.

    How sweet it is to contemplate the demise of the dinosaur media, but we'll be glad to step in and accommodate their former readers-

  2. Never underestimate the power of stupid. There were enough idiots out there (anti-Bush or pro-left) to put Obama in the White House. The really sad part is that team Obama knows this, and uses every resource at their disposal to spread their lies.

    His most annoying yet effective brainwashing technique are his perpetual campaign stops, covered by his adoring media, which show hundreds of (hand-picked) pro-Obama supporters cheering the Great One on as he spews his same hollow promises again and again.

    It will be nothing short of miraculous if the Democrats lose control of the Senate in November. The combination of Obama's masterful deceit with the mind control the mainstream media seems to have over its brain dead audience may prove too much to overcome.

  3. Taking back the Senate is a true longshot, but so was Scott Brown in Mass. Seriously, in this political climate very little is impossible.

  4. What would happen if the media were actually on our side, backing up our more correct economic claims among other things? One of the greatest things about the internet is it has started to even the playing field. People have far more choice where to get their news and information, and it's showing in ratings and floundering mainstream media revenue. How long until the internet becomes the new mainstream media?

  5. This issue - media bias/propaganda - was what awakened me to this nightmare we now call President Obama. I never would have believed it was possible in the USA unless I'd lived through it. The question I always come back to is: what can we do about it? With the 1st amendment, and the very broad interpretation of "freedom of the press," it is hard to stop. But they need to be reined in, somehow. Is a class-action law suit possible?

    The "old media" have such shoddy journalism, with no one holding them accountable....the examples like above are all too common. The liberal left controls everything - from the top down - and now this apparent collusion of the CBC and the media - it's GOT to be possible to stop!! Anyone have any ideas?

    At least for now, we have the "new media" - until the government regulates the Internet and talk radio. There MUST be a way to hold these clowns to account!

  6. To hear the MSM tell it the internet and blogs are passe and not worth it. This has been heard around before. I have no idea of the truth of the matter.There is going to be a Tea Party gathering here in Syracuse April 12th.2010. I will be there and taking pictures that will be posted on my blog here.There are also pictures in the gallery from last year's Tea Party.