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Friday, April 2, 2010

Community Within Our Nation, Chaos In Theirs

Another day, some more agitation by the Obama administration and Agitprop by the mainstream media, this time directed by Obama himself at Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio hosts.

This country is boiling over, after over a year of a strategy of crazy, in which Democratic leaders and in-the-pocket columnists and bloggers attempted to portray all opponents as racist and violent.

There are only so many times a President and party in power can insult and belittle people before people push back.

And it is not for nothing.

I called it, I called it, I called it, over a year ago, in my post "Steal This Country."

The tactic is to create "community within our Nation, chaos in theirs;" that is, unify the supporters and create divisions among opponents. It is an outgrowth of 1960s radical thought advocated by Abbie Hoffman and others.

Creating chaos requires an endless stream of enemies, crises, and opportunities not to miss from the havoc, as I noted in February 2009, when things were just getting started:
There seems to be a deliberateness to the chaos, a purpose to the ever-increasing exclamation points, as in crisis (!), catastrophe (!!), act now or else (!!!), ... we're on the verge of (!!!!). An attempt to keep so many parts moving so quickly that by the time we realize what has happened, we will have an economic and political system based on punishing achievement in the name of fairness, redistributing goods and services in the name of equality, and above all, dependence on a government which controls everything by endlessly proclaiming that only it has good intentions.
We've already read this book. The ending stinks.

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  1. Sad to say, I think we’re gonna see violence break out in another year or two. Civil or racial violence. Obama is a divider. He thinks he has carte blanche to “transform” the country. Most people disagree.

    He’s a friendly, smooth talking fella, as long as you agree with him but if you disagree, you’re demonized. It’s gonna boil over.

    Granted Obama is not a card carrying Marxist but can you deny his policies are about redistribution of wealth/capital and “command and control” government picking winners and losers? I call that socialism. Unfair of me?

  2. The MSM's complicity is disgraceful. Just check out this CBS headline on Memeorandum about the Harry Smith interview where Obama lashes out against Limbaugh:

    Obama: Extreme Right-Wing Shows "Troublesome"

    I listened to the interview and read the internet story about the interview. Obama never described Beck and Limbaugh as "extreme right wing". That is the CBS headline writer's description.

    So, rather than sticking with objective facts in reporting a news event, CBS chose to try to influence public opinion about Beck and Limbaugh by characterizing them as "extreme right-wing".

    The MSM has gone beyond bias. They are in corruption territory.

  3. I think, since the HCR passed on a Party Line vote, the Left (who have never apologized how they treated President Bush, Sen. McCain, Gov. Palin or VP Cheney) want a Civil War.

    Was the HCR vote the Fort Sumpter attack?

    Well, the Democrats keep forgetting which Party supports both FIRST and SECOND Amendments. Hint: It ain't the Republicans who disrupt speeches by their oposition.

    But the Democrats never support the Right's use of the First Amendment (i.e. Rush, Beck, etc. et. al)

    It is only a matter of time before we on the Right cross the Potomac unless the Left apologizes how they treated Bush, Palin, McCain, and Cheney.

    Hopefully on the South lawn of the White House by the current occupent.

  4. Think it's bad now? Wait till the tea parties start moving and the Left goes into full violence-mode.

  5. Nessus, I think you are probably right. And I think Obama wants it that way.

    Endless years ago this night, a young man was dying on a cross and looked up with his last breath and said "it is finished." Would that we could look around at the chaos in which this nation finds itself, see new hope so that we too could claim that "it is finished."

    Sadly, it is just beginning. I used to think that the worst thing that could happen to me was having to make a connection through Chicago's Ohare. Now Chicago is in the White House and no connections are being made. Obama doesn't want to connect the dots. He doesn't want us to see connectivity - that thread that winds through all of his policies. We would then know where next to head him off. We are foolishly focused on what he has just said while he is thinking ahead to what his next sound bite will be. He's a verbal terrorist.

  6. This is classic Alinsky. It is even older than that, really: divide and conquer. The calls for Republicans to apologize by the Left (which they ALWAYS cave in and do - get a clue Republicans!) is a part of that division. Once an "official" Republican gives credence to their accusations, the "game" is over; they win. But now....we have a chance to change that, if we stand strong. The New Media is our method. That is why they are cracking down hard to stifle talk radio, conservative blogs, etc. Silence the opposition.

    By the way, Nessus - I believe the Left is just waiting for the Tea Partiers/Conservatives to commit REAL violent acts (as opposed put-up jobs like the egging this past weekend); that will give them an excuse to declare the Right terrorists, to use force to "quell the violence and bring peace." It follows the same logic as causing and provoking "chaos in theirs".

    Our fight must be legitimate - at the ballot box, exposing the lies and fraud, publishing books and shining light on their devious, dark schemes. Rules for Radicals - the Left's bible, has it all in there. Abbie Hoffman was probably well versed in these tactics, too.

  7. Guys, it is classic Mao. The left's formative years in college were spent watching their favorite communist manipulate his nation into chaos and revolution. Mao was all about chaos and revolution for sake of revolution. He knew that as long as people were sniping at each other to save their own skins, they wouldn't be sniping at him.

    What drives me crazy is that after all that we know to be true about communism, there are still people who think it or a variation of it can still work! One hundred million dead, mostly its own citizens, and supporters of communism still think it has potential. They are all insane. Truth is, do you know why they like it still? Power. Power and control. And the coolest thing about communism is it speaks with such "justice and fairness" at first that people, usually intellectually lazy and greedy people, will support it.

    I've said this before, I wrote a novel called "REVOLT" (www.revoltthebook.com) which has been just released. The original manuscript was written in 1997 and the story was set around 2015 in the second term of a young, troubled, narcissist President who believed he was destined to rule. His allies were a compliant media, a corrupt Congress worried their Ponzi scheme of entitlements was about to fall, and loyal members of the military and law enforcement. The book came out of an exercise I did asking the question "What would it take to create an environment where the people were so scared, confused, and pacified that a rogue President could control them?" The story revolves around a small community of farmers, ranchers and other civilians who simply stand up to the newest aggressive intrusion into their lives by the government. One thing leads to another and they find themselves surrounded, isolated and demonized as "domestic terrorists" by the President and the MSM.

    Back then people who read the draft laughed saying no way it could happen here. They aren't laughing now. I get calls and emails from them asking what might happen next. I said, "read the book."

    Why Mao? At my main site www.truthandcommonsense.com, I spend time reviewing a book I read by two authors called "Mao's Last Revolution". If you want to get the urge to buy more ammo and guns and start digging holes in your backyard for defensive positions, read that book.

    It was suggested to me by a far smarter man that I, after I compared Obama to Mussolini of the '20's and '30's. He said, "Brother, you want to get a handle on this, read up on Mao."

    I suggest you visit my site for the posts or get the book, it should be in your library. You'll see examples of the NEA event, speaking to the children, the isolating and demonizing of the Tea Party as well as other techniques used in Mao's China.

    My biggest fear? Eight years of Obama telling your kids HE'S their leader. Read up on the Red Guard. As Beck says, "Your eyes will bleed."

  8. Let's see

    -d-baggers use the race card to avoid criminal charges, check.

    -a command and control style economy implemented through government directives on private industry, check.

    -Obsession with race, check.

    -Ignoring inconvenient laws and redefining laws on the fly (see coverage for children, pre-existing), check.

    Cult of personality politics, check.

    Encouraging lawless thuggery while complaining about the (non-existent) same of their opponents, check.

    "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever." 1984 and the d-bagger party platform

  9. @Nessus, what makes you think that a person who runs under the Working Families Party is not a card carrying Marxist? I beg to differ. He is a Marxist. He is involved with the Working Families Party and the Socialist Democratic Party.

    Coffee Party USA = CPUSA = Communist Party USA.

  10. @Nessus

    "Unfair of me?"

    Not unfair. My only beef is that sometimes people see socialism as a lesser form of communism, when in reality it is part and parcel of communism. So say he is a socialist, is to say that he is a communist. Marx did not just advocate communism, he also advocated socialism.

  11. DarkGravity and Maggie - you are both right. I do know that there is really no difference between socialism & communism for they are both derived from Marxism.

    It's just that "socialism" is used today as a sort of "watered down" variant of communism/Marxism. I think of communism as more overtly revolutionary and violent and socialism as big government/academic utopia-ism run amok. But point well taken.