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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Real British Obama Has Arrived

Seems like someone is learning from the Obama campaign, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Sheldon Whitehouse and other American Democrats.

From last night's debate among candidates in Britain (emphasis mine):
[Liberal Democrat candidate Nick] Clegg, tried to tie [Conservative candidate David] Cameron to right-wing extremists, a standard debate tactic against conservatives in American politics. "How on earth does it help anyone in Bristol or anyone else in the country for that matter, David Cameron, to join together in the European Union with a bunch of nutters, anti-Semites, people who deny climate change exists, homophobes -- that doesn't help Britain," Clegg said.
Because the "nutters" were the ones who bombed the buses in London, blew up a plane over Lockerbie, and tried to blow up another plane with a shoe bomb, right Nick?

Ironically, Clegg was correct that the threat to Britain comes from anti-Semites and homophobes, but he is too ideological to understand that they are of the Islamist, not "nutter," variety.

I think there are more than just five reasons to be afraid of Nick Clegg.

Move aside, Gordon Brown, the real British Obama has arrived.

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  1. Only the soccer hooligan can save England I'm afraid.
    Gerald Warner of UK Telegraph discusses the 'unity' and 'idiocy' of the 3 candidates vying for UK PM. Spot on and astute.


  2. Personally I feel bad for the Brits. They have to choose from Brown who is a spinless moron and anti-semite, Cameron who ass-kisses the Islamic extremists in England, and Clegg who, well your post says its all. I thought our pols were a bunch of loosers.Makes me feel exponentially overjoyed that we fought that little war back in the late 1700s.

  3. I watched about half of it. About all I could take. They make me very sad and scared, like I've lost my best friend forever. Realized that the England of even ten years ago is gone forever and they aint even coming back. I think Clegg hates us. The other two not so much. But I'm afraid the motherland is in full retreat and she doesn't give a rat's ass how we feel about it. Even the questions just made me go....sigh, it's over.

    Well at least they are so HIGHLY civilized when they yell at each other.

  4. I have a lot of Brit in me but we have not benefited from this association over the years and now we are deemed as imperial as the "motherland." Even Canada is more independent.

    I regret the demise of a great mass of European culture but face it, it was lost to the Muslim world a decade ago.

    How do you hold an election with a hope for a reasonable outcome in a country where one small, persistent faction is restoring St. Edward's Chair to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee while most Brits plot to end the monarchy? THEY don't know who they are as a body politic anymore. How can we expect to figure it all out.

    Finally, Palestine was a Mandate of the British Government, not the United States. Now the Brits have slipped the historical ties that bound them to region and have dumped all difficulties in that area on the US. What else is new? If Europe is invaded again, let the answering machine pick up and don't answer the door.

  5. "As a former EU bureaucrat, Clegg brings with him to Westminster the sneering condescension towards Israel which is so pervasive in Brussels and Strasbourg. It is a destructive approach that undermines a close British ally while encouraging Israel’s enemies. There is an important distinction between a free, democratic society like Israel, acting in self-defence, and brutal terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hizbollah. Clegg’s drawing of moral equivalence between the two sides is both sickening and offensive." --Niles Gardner, The UK Telegraph

    I am amazed at how much this man resembles Obama in policy - especially toward Israel. The above quote could have been written about The One, easily. Amazing, but somehow not surprising, that there is another person like him seeking high office across the pond. Where are the Margaret Thatchers of today in Great Britain? Are they gone, or sleeping?

  6. Oops. In my last post, that should have been Nile Gardiner, UK Telegraph.

  7. But Cameron *has* aligned himself with marginalized right wing parties, and so distanced himself from Europe.

    I suppose suport for war on terror has gone down now that the incidents of attack have gone down?

  8. Thankfully, there's no way in hell this guy could possibly become Prime Minister, as this would require the Liberal Democrats to become the majority party. That's just not going to happen. At most, they might pick up a relative handful of seats.

    The bad news-well, the worse news-is, there is probably not going to be a majority party now, which means a coalition government, probably between the LibDems and the Labourites, which means Brown will slink right back in there in all likelihood, with Clegg possibly getting an important post in the government, and his party given a few token concessions in policy.

    In other words, its just going to get worse.

    The only good news is, it doesn't really matter, so there's no use in worrying about it. Hopefully, the fiasco that's coming down the road will make the Brits open their eyes, but even if that happens, what other option do they have? The BNP is not really any more conservative than the faux conservative party of David Cameron, just nationalistic to a fault. They are quasi-fascist, in fact.

    Britain's done for, I'm afraid. France is better off than they are, and more practical. They are not now nor have they ever been our friends, they have always been at best allies of convenience.