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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Militia Threat Bubble Already Bursting

Oh, how the columnists at the NY Times and the left-wing blogs desperately want a militia threat with which to beat law-abiding citizens over the head in the name of Obamamania.

Sorry to disappoint Count Frankula and the other fear-mongers and race-card players, once again (h/t JammieWearingFool):

There's a lot of anger out there. But the alleged plot by Midwestern militants and violent outbursts by scattered individuals don't signal any coming wave of extremist violence, federal investigators say.

There's more fizzle than fight among self-styled militias and other groups right now, they say, and little chance of a return to the organized violence that proved so deadly in the 1990s.

Militia extremist statements "primarily have served as an expression of anger after a particular event," according to an FBI intelligence bulletin obtained by The Associated Press. "The FBI assesses the likelihood of violent conflict from the remaining group members or other militia extremists as low."

Of course, reality will not change anything for those intellectually dishonest columnists and bloggers who wake up every morning hoping that there will have been an act of violence they can pin on the "right wing."

Update: So Much for That ‘Rising Risk’

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  1. Listen, those demegogues on the left can't handle the reality that those that disagree with them are actual citizens without any underlying agenda. The libs consider themselves the ultimate in true human beings and can't fathom that the rest of us don't see just how wonderful they are and how wonderful their views of life and society are. They are becoming an anachronism and an embarrssment to themselves. Nothing new.

  2. I agree with some of the blogs out there that equate the media treatment with Islamic terrorism to militia problems. Using the media template, we shouldn't rush to judgment since Christianity is a religion of peace and these militias are simply misunderstanders. Let's step back and take a deep breath lest the Christians and Right Wing suffer violence as a result of painting them all with such a broad brush. After all, these are isolated incidents.
    I'll bet NONE of the media use this template for militias which they developed for Islamofacist terrorists.

  3. There isn't a network of militias for sure since I read somewhere a major militia group in Texas had never heard of Hutaree.

    Face it, the Feds are and have been dealing with dirty data and databases not properly integrated. They cannot possibly know who is conspiring with whom. I hope it all circles back at them and produces a report that links the FBI with Hutaree in bringing down the US!

  4. little chance of a return to the organized violence that proved so deadly in the 1990s.

    S'pose he means the Clinton/Reno massacre of the Branch Davidians? The Clinton/Reno massacre of a mother-with-child at Ruby Ridge?

  5. Dad29
    "little chance of a return to the organized violence that proved so deadly in the 1990s."

    My question exactly--the only organized violence I remember was perpetrated by the Feds. Of course, if you look at history, "organized violence" is almost the exclusive province of governments. Some exceptions, but rare and insigificant in comparison.

  6. Dad29: Unfortunately that was the Clinton/Reno prosecution of the survivors of a George Herbert Walker Bush massacre of a mother-with-child and her son at Ruby Ridge.

    The ugliest thing about Ruby Ridge and Waco is that their instigators plus most especially the followup "cleanup crew" of the FBI's Hostage "Rescue" Team were pretty much entirely Republican, since Reagan and GHW Bush had been the Presidents for the previous dozen years.

    Not that Clinton didn't approve of their actions or fail to give them political and legal cover.