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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama's Teleprompter Tells A Joke And Starts A Fight

Obama's teleprompter has instigated a fight between Mr. Nasty and President O'Nasty. It started with a scripted dig by Obama at Simon Cowell on the Jay Leno show, to which Cowell responded in kind:

When the historians of tomorrow take out their quill pens and attempt to trace the rise and fall of Barack Hussein Obama, they may very well decide that the first truly significant PR blunder of his reign came two months after taking office, when he carelessly told a scripted joke about Mr Simon Cowell.

Last week, on Jay Leno's late-night chat-show, the 44th President of the United States followed his ill-judged remark about the Special Olympics by comparing the White House to his country's most popular TV show. "Washington," he observed, "is a little bit like American Idol, except everyone is like Simon Cowell."

So far, so hilarious. But TV's famous Mr Nasty didn't get where he is by taking a joke lying down. Cowell used Leno's well-worn sofa on Monday to hit back, suggesting that Obama's remark represented payback – for a diary clash during the President's recent tour of California.

"I was invited to have dinner with him last week, but wasn't available," the music mogul announced. "He wanted to have dinner, but our diaries didn't quite match. He wanted to do eight, I wasn't free until nine. We just didn't quite connect. But I said, 'Any time I'm in Washington...'"

This was the same show in which Obama made his now-famous unscripted Special Olympics joke. But the attack on Cowell was scripted. Did Obama's teleprompter tell a joke, or does the teleprompter hold grudges?

Obama's teleprompter is like a high school girl who talks trash to get other girls to fight. What an evil machine.

1 comment:

  1. Daniel Hannan might become the next most beloved Brit import.

    South Park and Family Guy were making a mockery of The One, time for Gibbs to take a pot shot at Kenny ?

    Let entertainers do the entertaining and get on with the job that you were elected to do !