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Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Song - "It Ain't Your Money To Spend"

Great new song by singer Kathleen Stewart, "It Ain't Your Money To Spend." You can listen to it here.

Here the partial lyrics:

© 2009, Words by Steve Jones, Music by Kathleen Stewart

Don't spend my grandson's paycheck.
He's only two years old.
With Obama in the White House,
His future's bought and sold.
Stop this immoral spending spree.
Stop assaulting our liberty.
Let me help you comprehend:
It ain't your money to spend.

Born and bred for freedom.
Got me a lot of rights.
They're all but disappearing
Before your fiscal appetites.
You're taking the fruit of my labor
To give your next-door neighbor.
I'll say it from beginning to end:
It ain't your money to spend.

It ain't your money to spend.
You're acting like a bunch of jerks.
I'm the one who earned it.
I'm the one who works.
Your income redistribution
Doesn't jibe with the Constitution.
So I got a little message to send:
It ain't your money to spend.


  1. Very cute. I was having so many similar thoughts over the last 8 years as I watched us quickly flip back from budget surpluses (on path, in the words of Alan Greenspan, to pay off the Federal Debt by 2010) to record deficits once again.

    Although in our form of government, the elected officials in Washington do get to decide how the money gets allocated. It might be for a tax credit for an oil company, or for a Federal Office building in Missouri, or an access road for a bridge that doesn't get built in Alaska, or a Tomahawk missle - but they do get to decide, until we change who's in office. At best, they end up spending the money in ways that they promised people they would when running for office ... but that's what they do. And all the complaining that "it's unconstitutional" just sounds juvenile.

    I'm still wondering why the Republicans re-nominated George Bush in 2004, after he had just single-handedly forced through Congress the a massive expansion in Medicare Spending, but I guess there just wasn't anyone else in the Party who could both defend the nation and actually hold true to conservative economic ideals.

    And judging by the thousands and thousands of earmarks that Republicans injected into the stimulus bill, it looks like there still isn't.

  2. We didn't have a budget surplus back in the days of Clinton. That was some nifty accounting footwork as we robbed the Social Security Trust Fund, and treated the funds as if they were tax revenues.

    We've been running real deficits for a long, long time.