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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally, Shoe Thrown At Ahmadinejad

The Guardian is reporting that a protestor threw his shoe at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a visit to the north-western Iranian city of Urumiye:

An Iranian website, Urumiye News, reported that a shoe was hurled at the president as his convoy drove through a central square. Security guards waded into the crowds but failed to find the culprit.

A hat was also thrown in Ahmadinejad's direction before his car sped away.

The Guardian noted the irony, since Iran openly cheered when a "journalist" threw his shoes at President George Bush:
After Zaidi's protest in Baghdad, Iranian officials paid tribute by holding several public shoe-throwing competitions in which contestants threw footwear at caricatures of Bush. Iran's main shoemaking federation also offered to supply a lifetime of shoes to Zaidi, who remains in a Baghdad jail awaiting trial.
There do not appear to be any photographs of the incident. Perhaps the Getty Images shoe fauxtographer could set something up.

The incident appears to have been reported only by Iranian bloggers, and was not reported in the Iranian mainstream media. You see, in countries where the mainstream media is in the tank for the ruling administration, not all news gets reported. I pity the Iranians for having such a media. We never would tolerate such media fawning here.

The Guardian and others reporting the story fail to point out that Urumiye is home to a notorious prison at which numerous political dissidents and Kurdish activists have been executed.
UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has the photo.

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