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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Has Obamamania Reached Its Limit? Noooooo

Has Obamamania reached its limit, asks this Yahoo blog entry:
This week alone, the president was on "60 Minutes," held a prime-time press conference (networks reluctantly bumped "American Idol" and "The Biggest Loser" to make room for it), and answered viewer questions at his first-ever online town hall meeting. And all this is in addition to ESPN’s sporadic updates on how his NCAA bracket is doing.
The piece asks some good questions, and has a good Gail Collins (of NY Times, and who is as responsible for Obamamania as anyone) quote:
[T]here appear to be only two constants in our ever-changing world. One is that Barack Obama is going to be on television every day forever. No venue is too strange. Soon, he’ll be on “Dancing With the Stars” (“And now, doing the Health Care, Energy and Education tango ...”) or delivering the weather report. (“Here we see a wave of systemic change, moving across the nation ...”)
But the fact remains, the media still is in love, and it's holding on even though it knows it made a bad choice, just like Rihanna.

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