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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Tweet: The JournoList Sure Has A Lot Of Anti-Semitic Commenters

Here is my first Tweet, based on the disclosure at Slate (via Instapundit) of the liberal JournoList's vicious and repeated attacks on the Jew Marty Peretz, which means (using the logic of the Ezra Klein in his vicious smear of Ann Althouse):

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UPDATE: Here is Ezra Klein's e-mail revealed in Slate trying to make sure all the JournoList communications were kept secret:

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  1. Hey, what kind of lawyer are you anyway? If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed that the Twitter Box is supposed to answer the question posed above it in bold, namely: "What Are You Doing?"

    Welcome to Twitter Land :-)

  2. It was enough that I figured out how to register, you expect me to read the boxes I am filling out as well?

  3. Bah. Few people actually answer the Twitter prompt. ;P

    Welcome to Twitter!

  4. I hate twitter.

    I'm on there. I still hate it.

  5. I'm following you now -- #16 -- but I predict that Twitter is going to be so totally over by the end of 2009. Still, it may be useful for bloggers.