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Monday, March 9, 2009

Jasmine Murray

Slow news day. So I'll get to something really important, American Idol. My favorite is Jasmine Murray, from Mississippi. OK, she is not the most likely to win, but she is an undiscovered talent whose abilities have not yet come through.

I first heard Jasmine sing at the Miss America's Outstanding Teen competition in Orlando, Florida in 2007. Jasmine represented Mississippi, and my daughter represented Rhode Island. Jasmine brought down the house with her vocal performance (video here). Everyone in the audience that night had a sense of great things to come from Jasmine, and I expect even greater things from her on American Idol. And Jasmine is a genuinely nice kid, which makes her success so special.

[Note: Video embeds that no longer work have been removed]


  1. It was wonderful to see Jasmine again last night on the American Idol finale!! She is such a lovely young girl with a beautiful voice!!! I wish her much success in her future and hope to see and hear her a lot more in the years to come!!! Jeanine Jones, Houston,Texas.