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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brooks: "Barack Obama Is Not Who We Thought He Was" - Oh Yes He Is

David Brooks, columnist at the New York Times, announces that "Barack Obama is not who we thought he was." Thanks for nothing, Mr. Brooks. You cheered Obama into office along with all the other enlightened "moderates" and now you tell us this:
But the Obama budget is more than just the sum of its parts. There is, entailed in it, a promiscuous unwillingness to set priorities and accept trade-offs. There is evidence of a party swept up in its own revolutionary fervor ...
Where the hell were you when it mattered? Remember your expression of love for Obama just after the election:

I have dreams. I may seem like a boring pundit whose most exotic fantasies involve G.A.O. reports, but deep down, I have dreams. And right now I’m dreaming of the successful presidency this country needs. I’m dreaming of an administration led by Barack Obama, but which stretches beyond the normal Democratic base. It makes time for moderate voters, suburban voters, rural voters and even people who voted for the other guy....

Is it all just a dream? I hope not. In any case, please be quiet and let me have my moment.
Don't insult us now with your misgivings. You had your moment, while the "right wing" bloggers you disdain were warning of what was to come. Just grin and bear it. You brought it on yourself. You were an apologist from the get-go:
He doesn’t have F.D.R.’s joyful nature or Reagan’s happy outlook, but he is analytical. That’s why this William Ayers business doesn’t stick. He may be liberal, but he is never wild. His family is bourgeois. His instinct is to flee the revolutionary gesture in favor of the six-point plan.
And please don't insult us again with your need to criticise Republicans even as you sound the alarm on Obama's agenda:
The only thing more scary than Obama’s experiment is the thought that it might fail and the political power will swing over to a Republican Party that is currently unfit to wield it.
Get lost. And don't come back, while the rest of us work our ways through the problem you helped to create.

Good post and links on this topic at the other (not-moderate) McCain and NewsBusters.

And this from Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
Actually, it’s the same Obama it always was. Brooks, and others, were just so excited at the idea of a black President — or, more specifically, at the idea of themselves, voting for a black President — that they suspended all critical faculties. Now it’s buyer’s remorse. We’ll be seeing more of that.


  1. LOL - we agree on something, finally!

    David Brooks is useless.

  2. I am going to note this moment on my calendar!

  3. The New York Times is only good for wrapping one's garbage......between David Brooks and (ugh) Paul Krugman ....... Mr. Jacobson I bet you just LOVED the way Obama attempted to pass himself off as a Professor of Law at the U of Chicago - my husband in fact WAS a Professor there and I was sizzling over that one - big difference between a Lecturer and a Professor - such a liar! If he lies about the little stuff, how can we even THINK of trusting him with the big stuff - of course, in his communist agenda, everyone and everything is equal with no distinguishing of rank..........

  4. His family was bourgeois? The whole lot of them were Marxists. The acorn doesn't fall far from the oak, etc.

  5. Brooks is a Republican wannabe. Worse yet, I believe him that he is surprised by how Obama is acting, because Brooks is clueless and lost in the Liberal bubble at the NY Slimes. He did not want to see what the rest of did in Obama—a Socialist or Communist. He is not intellectually honest with himself and his readers (the very few of them he has)

    RonClark is absolutely right. He is useless.


  6. If Brooks wants absolution, I think he should memorize Hayek's Road to Serfdom as penance.

  7. Man - you must really hold a grudge.

    Like simply reading Hayek isn't painful enough?

  8. Backpedaling is a very common trait among the lying media numbskulls that lied for the incompetent one and plunged America into this disaster. The MEDIA is to blame. Obama is just their masthead.