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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nude Swiss Hikers Rescue NY Times

The NY Times is desperate. Its revenues are shrinking, it sold its headquarters, and it took out a sub-prime mortgage from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

The Times' business problems have caused it to put advertising on the front page of the print edition.

But please, did the NY Times have to sink to putting a photo of nude Swiss Hikers on the front page of its website? Is The Old Grey Lady invoking a homoerotic version of Rule 5 in a pathetic attempt to drive eyeballs to its site?

What's next, photos of Britney Spears sans underwear? All night stake outs hoping to catch a glimpse of Ruthie Madoff showing leg? Andrew Cuomo in a bare-chested Obama-like beach photo?

How about this for a new motto: "All the Beefcake Fit to Print."

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