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Monday, June 8, 2009

Tiger For President

In a speech last February at Wake Forest University, columnist David Gergen "compared Obama’s ability to focus during difficult times to Tiger Woods’ ability to focus during a difficult golf match."

Now this from the opening sentences of a lead NY Times article today:
President Obama was getting his daily economic briefing one recent morning when a fly distracted him. The president swatted and missed, just as the pest buzzed near the shoes of Lawrence H. Summers, the chief White House economic adviser.
What does it mean? Nothing at all. Except that The Times further quotes David Axelrod as follows:
The president “invites debate but he doesn’t tolerate factionalism. And ultimately everybody on the economic team knows that at the end of the day we’re going to hold hands and jump together,” Mr. Axelrod added.
Where is Tiger when we need him? Tiger Woods for President, anyone?

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  1. how does it feel to be seen back in the schoolyard holdiing hands and jumping together with the school's most popular mentally challenged, Mr. Axelrod?

  2. Yes jumping together...off the cliff.