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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Doesn't Bow to King Abdullah

Depends on what the meaning of "bow" is. Because leaning down to have a medal put over your head is not a bow. How could anyone think otherwise? From LGF:

Please note! Barack Obama is absolutely not bowing to King Abdullah! He’s receiving a medal.

That is not a bow. It’s very, very different from a bow.

Thank you for listening.

No, thank you for listening.

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  1. Um, i suspect you are trying to say this, but isn't this a bit contradictory?

    The last time the issue came up, Charles highlighted a video of Bush "bowing" and many people said, "that is not a bow. he is just getting a medal." So now he is differentiating between getting a medal and bowing?

    Anyway, you can bet obama won't bow to him... in public, or in front of cameras.

  2. Btw, i just sent an email to charles, saying the following:

    Wow, the cognitive dissonance is pretty amazing.

    Last time we said, "gee, it looks like obama was bowing." You said, "no he wasn't, and besides bush did, too. look at this video."

    So we looked and most of us said, "um, charles, bush bent his head forward to recieve a medal. that's not the same." And you disagreed.

    So now you think bending your head forward to recieve a medal is not a bow.

    i agree, but apparently your earlier self doesn't.

    I think you owe people an apology and a little self reflection.

    Obama bowed the first time. This time he didn't bow. But neither did Bush.

    (though to be fair, bush did have that creepy hand-holding thing, which is not subservient, but it is weird.)

    And please, for the love of God, don't bring up the canard of metaphorically bowing. It sounds downright clintonian.

    Be a big man and admit your were wrong. And that maybe your new liberal cheering squad aren't really your friends.

  3. That's so awesome he got a big gold necklace.