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Friday, June 12, 2009

Ray Nagin Feared Bush Hit Attempt

From Tim Blair down under:
According to a source on the scene, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin – in Sydney after being released from quarantine – tonight told guests at a United States Studies Centre dinner that he feared he would be assassinated by the Secret Service for speaking out against George W. Bush.
Ray, you are not that important, and never were. Get over it, or we may have to put you back in quarantine.

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  1. Of course, that's just reasonable. The difference is that Bush really was targeting people and waging phony wars. Democrats, on the other hand, are pure of heart, and thinking otherwise is just bizarre.


  2. As if! He is trying to get attention. His 15 minutes is almost up.

  3. If it was Bill Clinton then I would take the comment seriously... but George Bush? The man needs treatment with a psychiatrist.

    Fancy paying money to listen to that dimwit speak, especially when his actions led to the disaster in New Orleans.

  4. As a New Orleanian, I can say that myself and vitually every I know wanted him to stay in quarantine at least until 5/2/10 (Nagin's last day, and yes there are bumper stickers!)