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Monday, June 15, 2009

No Win In Iran

The Washington Post reports that the Iranian election outcome is consistent with its polling in Iran prior to the election. Not everyone is convinced by the Post numbers. Nonetheless, while noting the difficulty of polling in Iran, the Post article raises a interesting question.

If the official results are accurate, or at least if the election fraud only increased the margin rather than changing the result, then the Iranian people did elect a government bent on pursuing nuclear weapons, export of Islamist revolution, and confrontation with the rest of the Middle East and the West.

A classic no win situation. If there were fraud, then the Iranian people unwillingly will be subjected to the consequences of pursuing Ahmadinejad's policies. If there were no fraud, then the result is the same. In either case, it is no win for the prospect of a peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear weapons program, unless the West, Israel and the U.S. capitulate.

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  1. I wrote about this last week. The Supreme Leader of Iran is the one who makes all the rules in Iran. He makes all the decisions in the country or controls all the decisions.
    In order to even be on the ballot you must be approved by a 12 person panel. 6 of that panel is appointed by the Supreme Leader and the other 6 are appointed by a group that is hand picked by the Supreme Leader.
    Read more about it here and stick around for more good stuff-

  2. That was an op-ed column from a third-party group, not a news article from the Washington Post. Do you even read these things or are you just copying and pasting links from memeorandum?

  3. You are correct, it was a third-party poll which was reported in an op-ed in The Washington Post. I should have been more accurate that it was not a WaPo poll. But the substance of the post remains the same.