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Monday, June 8, 2009

Terrorists Booby-Trap Horses, Israel Transfers Vaccine

If you want to know why Barack Obama was spitting into the wind with his "historic" speech to the Muslim world, at least as regards the Israeli-Palestinian issue, there is no better example than this juxtaposition of Palestinians booby-trapping horses as part of a failed kidnap attempt on Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border, while Israel contemporaneously transferred animal vaccines to Gaza:
Under the cover of morning fog, a group of around 10 Palestinian gunmen armed with "huge amounts of explosives" launched a failed Gaza border assault at the Karni Crossing on Monday, in which booby-trapped horses were used, a security source told the Jerusalem Post.

At least four terrorists were killed in an ensuing exchange of fire with the IDF. No Israeli soldiers were wounded in the incident.

The terror cell belonged to the Janud Ansar Allah (Soldiers Loyal to Allah) organization, a small group which is linked to Iran and Hizbullah, the security source added....

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday afternoon praised the IDF's "effectiveness" in foiling the attack, and said it was quite possible that one of the aims of the assault was to kidnap an IDF soldier, a claim made by Hamas television....

Ismail Haniyeh, who heads Gaza's Hamas government, praised the attackers as "martyrs," and said the violence confirmed Israel's "aggressive intentions" toward the Palestinians.

Following the attack, Israel closed the Karni crossing, the main commercial terminal between Israel and Gaza, as well as the Nahal Oz fuel depot.

However, 30,000 vaccine units against foot-and-mouth disease were transferred to Gaza via the Erez crossing, despite the thwarted attack. The IDF said that 125,000 units had been supplied to the Strip in the last three months in three separate transfers, due to the importance of preventing the outbreak of the disease.

In addition, 140 truckloads of humanitarian aid was scheduled to be transferred via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

UPDATE: More on this "incident" at Gateway Pundit, which of course already has a post with photos by the time I was onto this story!

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  1. The widespread failure of people to see the difference between the belief structures and actions of Israel and Hizbullah is mind boggling.

  2. Ralph Peters wrote in his article, "What Obama Taught Me," "No wonder our president shunned wicked Israel during his trip - sending a clear, if unspoken, message that Jews are now fair game." I agree that that was the message from Obama's visit and speech. Why did Obama get 78% of the Jewish vote? Why? It was evident where he was coming from before the election. I don't get it. I never will. The way Obama has treated Israel- and England- our LONG-TIME ALLIES- is disgraceful.