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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now Iran Plays The Zionist-Plot Card

There is a lot more to the turmoil in Iran than meets the eye. I think the threat to the regime is more serious than people let on, if the world keeps watching and Iran is not permitted to pull a North Korea and seal off the country from the flow of information.

Not an overthrow of Islamic-based government, but the removal of this economically and politically corrupt Islamic-based government. The speeches and complaints go beyond the election, and include the theft of Iranian national assets by the ruling elite, the lack of economic opportunity for the young, and the decline in Iran's international standing. [See Update below]

The reaction of the current regime is beginning to show signs of this concern. First, the "U.S. is meddling" card was played yesterday. Today, it is the "Zionist-plot" card. Per Reuters:

Iran's Intelligence Ministry said on Thursday it had uncovered a foreign-linked terrorist plot to plant bombs in mosques and other crowded places in Tehran during the country's June 12 presidential election.

State broadcaster IRIB quoted a ministry statement as saying several terrorist groups had been discovered, adding they were linked to Iran's foreign enemies, including Israel.

"Members of one of the uncovered networks were planning to plant bombs on election day at various crowded Tehran spots, including Ershad and Al-Nabi mosques," the statement said, referring to two prominent mosques in the capital.

It said this plot was uncovered on election day.
The Jerusalem Post adds:
State broadcaster IRIB quoted a ministry statement as saying several terrorist groups had been discovered, adding they were "in contact with Iran's foreign enemies, including the Zionist entity."
The attempt to portray this home-grown movement as a U.S. and Israeli plot is not surprising, but it does show the political bankruptcy of the regime. The question is, will it work?

UPDATE: Here is the reported text of Mousavi's speech today, which confirms what I had seen elsewhere about the focus on the corruption of the current regime and other issues beyond the election:
I have come due to concerns of current political and social conditions - to defend the rights of the nation. I have come to improve Iran’s international relations. I have come to tell the world and get back Iran’s pride, our dignity and our future. I have come to bring to Iran a future of freedom, of hope and of fulfillment.

I have come to represent the poor, the helpless, and the hungry. I have come to be accountable to you, my people, and to this world. Iran must participate in fair elections. It is a matter of national importance. I have come to you because of the corruption in Iran. 25% inflation means ignorance, thieving and corruption.

Where is the wealth of my nation? What have you done with the $300 billion in the last four years? The next Government of Iran will be chosen by the people. Why do all our young want to leave this country? I know of nobody else who places himself ahead of 20 million other of a nation.
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1 comment:

  1. You know, I kind of look at this like the accusation that Sarah Palin tried to get that trooper fired. I read over what that trooper did, including threatening to murder Palin’s father (which Palin says she heard with her own ears), and I say two things. First, I don’t believe for a moment Palin didn’t try to fire the guy, and, second, I don’t believe for a moment that there was anything wrong with it. I believe the accusation, but I don’t care. Because if I was the governor and someone threatened to murder my father, and I witnessed that threat, you bet you’re a$$ I would demand for him to be fired, and I think only an idiot blinded by partisanship would think there is anything wrong with that. Frankly if I really thought Sarah Palin didn’t try to fire the guy, I would lose a little respect for her.

    So on this issue it’s a similar sentiment. I sit here and I imagine I am Bibi Netanyahu (sp?), and I see Mahmoud Ahmadanutjob (or however you spell it), whose attitude toward the holocaust is apparently “there has been no holocaust of the jews... yet” and is seeking nuclear weapons so he can do himself what he claimed hitler did not do in the first place. And then I see unrest in iran that might topple the entire anti-semitic government. Would I interfere? YOU BET YOUR A$$ I WOULD. So I can’t believe for a moment that isreal is doing nothing, but like with the Sarah Palin thing, even as I say I am sure they are doing something, I have nothing but support for the conduct I suspect them of engaging in. Its simple self defense, and it might ultimately be cleaner than having to attack iran.

    Now mind you, I am not saying that the protests are isreali driven or even an isreali concoction, just that they might be doing some stuff to encourage it under the radar. Like i have kept wondering where iranians have gotten all this tech to report to the outside world. maybe isreal is helping to make sure the technology is available. and maybe they are doing stuff to stop the government of iran from cutting it off. i find that extremely plausible. And if they are, then good for them.