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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahmadinejad Stole The Election, Just Like Bush

I have to say, the left-wing blogosphere has been pretty responsible as relates to the Iranian election fraud.

I've followed the posting via Memeorandum by Andrew Sullivan, Matthew Yglesias, Spencer Ackerman, Digby, Hilzoy, and others with whom I normally disagree. While I might not have their exact take on the situation, I agree with much of what they are saying. Even SadlyNo has taken time away from Photoshop® to write some sensible posts.

But this post at Crooks and Liars caught my eye:
"Isn't rioting in the streets the appropriate reaction when your country is taken over through election fraud? What's the alternative, to reward theft? We've already seen what that did here!"
Wouldn't you know it. Just when I thought we were all about to get along, Bush Derangement Syndrome spoiled the party. Or was she talking about Obama and ACORN?

UPDATE: I take back the kind words for Sullivan, he's back to being nuts after just one day on planet Earth:

Ahmadinejad's bag of tricks is eerily like that of Karl Rove - the constant use of fear, the exploitation of religion, the demonization of liberals, the deployment of Potemkin symbolism like Sarah Palin.

Before you know it, Sullivan will claim the Mormons are behind Ahmadinejad.

UPDATE: More on Sullivan's Rove analogy at The Other McCain, The Rhetorican, and American Power Blog, and The Troglopundit focuses on Sullivan referring to "Red State Iran".

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