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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Will Obama Now Release His Educational Records?

The media and left-wing blogosphere are in a tizzy because Virginia Republican candidate for Governor Robert F. McDonnell took negative positions on gay-rights and other topics in a university thesis 20 years ago. McDonnell now disavows those views, saying his views have changed over time, and the public should consider his record of public service, not a university thesis.

This dispute, in and of itself, is fair enough. What a candidate wrote, even 20 years ago, is fair game.

Which leads me to wonder, will the leading lights of intellectual consistency who are lambasting McDonnell now also call for Barack Obama to release Obama's educational records, including copies of the papers he wrote for college and law school classes?

Don't hold your breath on that one.

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  1. I saw a headline that the governor's race is tightening. Did the Post wait until McDonnell's support weakened a bit to report this story?

  2. Funny how the press is about that. Ted Kennedy, in 1971 was pro-life, but "evolved" in his thinking, and that was fine. But a republican is never allowed to "evolve." He must be destroyed.

  3. FWIW, Michael Barone is thinking along the same lines as I am.