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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chris Matthews Blames Right Wingers For Kennedy Assassination

Chris Matthews is on Hardball right now making the argument that the assassination of John Kennedy was the result of right wing hate speech which incited people to violence. Even though Lee Harvey Oswald was an avowed communist who lived previously in the Soviet Union. According to Matthews, right wing hate speech emboldens even communists to commit violence.

I don't know why I watched.

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  1. You watch so we don't have to.   Thank you Professor.

  2. Chrissy is willing to try anything to keep those last 50 or so viewers!

  3. Ah, but he was a right wing communist.

    I haven't watched Chrissy in years. Watching him tear up like a little girl with a skinned knee when Gore finally conceded was pretty much the last straw.

  4. Does he provide any evidence or did he just consult with Oliver Stone?


  5. Linked to your post from Exposing Bias and Deception at NBC

    Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

  6. Well here is my theory on who killed JFK... First of all, I do not think that the right wing was all that prominent when JFK was shot....

    However, thanks to an idiot Truther who kept on about the Northwoods Project, I am able to put forward my own theory about who paid Lee Harvey Oswald, and experienced marksman and hitman to kill JFK...

    The Northwoods project was suggested by the CIA to JFK. The CIA hoped to create an incident that would then start a war with Cuba. The papers were released in 1997 by the Kennedy Archives (nothing to do with Bush at all... but try telling that to a deranged Truther who believes Michael Moore).... anyway, I think that the CIA were disappointed with the response that they got from JFK, leading in turn to plans to well.... create an incident anyway... only JFK became the lead player... ROFL.... just hope my theory is wrong.....

  7. It's not a mystery what is going on here.

    The nuke round that was detonated over that last few days by many liberal commentators and journalists along with prominent national politicians - the racist accusation - is now being followed by Rep. Pelosi's (and her media acolytes) raising the specter of imminent ‘violence’ just around the corner.

    Why? The debate is over. Unbeknownst to those on the conservative and libertarian side, we’ve lost. See? No sense in listening any further. No true intellectual will lend violent racists an ear never mind any credibility. Now it’s time, the Dems believe, to move ‘past the debate’ and straight to the vote.

    Be prepared for the passage of health care a la Congress. Be prepared for the abandonment of ‘Bush’s’ Afghanistan. Be prepared for cap and trade and be prepared for the new nuclear program in Venezuela. No problem now. You’re all racist militia weirdoes.

    Time for Change. Better get your Hope on.

  8. I'm sure he's just trying to lend credence to Nancy Pelosi's inane statements comparing health care reform complaints with anti-gay violence of the 70's.

  9. Pelosi is one paranoid bitch. The fact that she is two steps removed from being president scares the hell out of me.

  10. I'm not sure what could induce me to watch Matthews. Gad what a total spitting loon.

  11. I know why you watch. Admit it. A little vicarious leg tingle.

    Or maybe just the giggles from knowing you're watching a guy who wrote speeches for the most criminally inept (until now) administration in the 20th century and NBC thought he was news anchor material.