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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Glenn Beck Boycott Lessons Not Learned

The lesson being learned by the left-wing blogosphere from the sputtering Glenn Beck boycott and the Van Jones Affair is not that political arguments should be won on the merits, and in the hearts and minds of the public.

No, the lesson being learned is that Democrats and the nutroots do not fight hard enough to smear Republicans, conservatives, and Blue Dog Democrats. As in the kid-glove treatment of Sarah Palin and her family.

So a Crooks and Liars blogger wants to up the ante. Boycotting Glenn Beck is not enough because it is not working at depriving Fox News of any revenue. A boycott of Fox News is needed:
It's time for all-out political war with these wingnuts. Just boycotting Glenn Beck isn't going to be enough; sure, Jones' old organization, Color of Change, may have convinced 57 advertisers to drop out of supporting Beck, but all they did was shift their advertising dollars to other Fox programs. Rupert Murdoch still got their money, and thus eventually so did Beck.

If progressives want to have any hope of enacting their agenda, they have to do something about Fox News and its advertisers. And we obviously are going to have to do it without any help from this weak-kneed White House.

Memo to all: There is a Fox News boycott which has been going on for years, and has gone nowhere.

Follow up memo to all: The reason the progressive agenda is failing is that the American people did not think they were electing a progressive agenda.

There is no conspiracy to silence progressive voices. There is no attempt "to choke the breath out of American debate" as a DailyKos blogger claims. You own CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and PBS. You own The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The L.A. Times, the Associated Press and Reuters. You own the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.

The failure to get your message out is not the problem. The problem is your message. Your feeling of being politically lost is the result of your own myopia:
This should serve as a reminder that many conservatives are not interested in solving the country's problems nor helping to set a public policy agenda but rather they seek to destroy and derail the Obama Administration at any cost.
You do not understand that an increasing percentage of the population thinks the Obama administration is going too far too fast, and that derailing that agenda is the first step towards solving the country's problems. People want solutions without restructuring society.

If you refuse to accept that the progressive agenda is an unpopular agenda, then start more boycotts. Because the Glenn Beck boycott worked so well.

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann declares war on Fox News (again):

I don't know why I've got this phrasing in my head, but: Find everything you can about Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Roger Ailes....

Tuesday we will expand this to the television audience and have a dedicated email address to accept leads, tips, contacts, on Beck, his radio producer Burguiere, and the chief of his tv enablers, Ailes (even though Ailes' power was desperately undercut when he failed to pull off his phony "truce" push).

(h/t Ace)

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  1. Boycott Fox News? Sure all the libs will continue to do so. But good thing nobody is spying on their DVRs yet, because Fox already HAD all the conservatives. And their ratings continue to go up. That means DEMS are tuning in, because they can't hear what the news really IS from the other stations. Avoiding stories makes the MSM irrelevant. Even to liberals. A boycott will not hurt Fox News' ratings, may improve it even more. And it will just drive liberals farther into the closet when they fire up the DVR at 3am so their friends can't hear what they are watching.

  2. The MSM is irrelevant today and they have made themselves so by failing to provide reporting into the issues. In the long run it will be like CNN during the Gulf War. Fox will be on the map and the others will be rushing to catch up.

  3. Well if they were able to use reason effectively they would not be liberals in the first place.

  4. Ditto to comments above, and bring it on, libs. You've done so well so far. And that was my first thought, too - wait a minute, there's been a lefty boycott of FNC going for, like, FOREVER. What shows are consistently the top 6 of Drudge's top 10 or so cable shows? FNC shows.

    We know where all the energy is in the country now and it's NOT on the Left. They have the WH and Congress and have lost their mojo in record time. Not a coincidence.

  5. Obama is actually driving Fox News' ratings up!

  6. When I was in the USA I must admit that I was glad that FOX existed as an alternative to the slop that was dished up at other stations... as it happened I was there when Michael Jackson was the new 24/7. However what really got me enraged against CNN was the reporter covering the Honduras situation. The reporting was totally biased... even a simpleton could see it was biased....

    So it is with delight that I tell the story of the revolt that took place one night as I sat in the lounge in the hotel where I was saying. It started with one person saying that he had enough of Michael Jackson, and the next thing two people were off to see the concierge to get the channel changed. Fox was like a breath of fresh air after the CNN crap that was being churned out every day....

    The only boycott needed is the CNN boycott... ROFL .....

  7. Nobody wins a battle. Jones' resignation proved one thing: when the court of public opinion is strong enough no one man can overcome it.