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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Hope Obama Fails In Honduras

Thank you, Honduras

For standing up to the U.S. government's legally dishonest and morally bankrupt attempt to engineer the return to power of Manuel Zelaya, the Hugo Chavez wannabe. You have exposed the lie (are we allowed to say that word?) that the Obama administration supports freedom and the rule of law.

Stay strong, even in the face of Zelaya's (U.S.-backed?) antic of sneaking back into the country as a guest of the Brazilian embassy.

Is it wrong to root against one's own government? When large segments of the Democratic Party hoped we would lose in Iraq and the surge would fail, the consequences would have been dead Americans and victory for our enemies.

Wanting our government's policies to fail in Honduras will not result in a single American death, and will give victory to people who support the U.S.

So I hope Obama falls flat on his face in Honduras, and that Hillary trips over him.

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  1. Having lived for 14 years in Honduras, and seeing first hand Zelaya's abuse of power and disregard for legal principles, it's difficult to fathom world reaction to the move the Hondurans so correctly made.

    On the other hand, many world leaders flout their own democratic institutions to the maximum possible extent. Perhaps these leaders are sending their own message...that Presidents are to be untouchable, whatever Congress and the courts may say.

  2. Two big contrasts:

    1. Iran - "It is not my business" as hundreds are killed, imprisoned and tortured every day. Keep in mind that millions defied Khamenei on Qods Day and even changed the signs handed to them to say "Death to Russia".

    2. Honduras - where there was no coup in the first place, yet the L-I-C persists in his interference in this tiny nation.

    The Hondurans are correct and all this shows is that the POTUS is way out of his depth.

  3. It is just beyond comprehension that there is any argument about the return of the former President when their constitution clearly states one term per President. Perhaps Obama is hoping he can serve multiple terms and become the new age FDR.

  4. I've been following this for a long time. My opinion is simple. Obama, in his first virgin foreign policy effort is committing a crime. What happened to the left's mantra that we have no right to interfere and force our will on other countries? Oh, that is when we are doing silly things like promoting freedom, while it is okay if we are promoting dictators.

    I have said this over and over. Watch Chavez to see our future. Obama loves what he has done. Right now, Chavez is correcting the error he made when he didn't go after the media first.

    I wrote a long column about this and the growing concern of many that Obama is far closer to a communist than anyone feared possible. At another blog there is a growing number of people who think the Islamo/communist cooperation seen in Britain (George Galloway was a result) is happening here. I'm not taking a position on that, but I do think their argument that Obama is one white hat short of being a South American "President" may be closer to the truth than we first suspected.


  5. He is out of his depth, but he is so wrong on absolutely everything that it can be no accident. He's a malevolent incompetent. That takes rare talent. I'm not sure a country can survive more than 1 or 2 such "leaders" per century. We're having our 2nd malevolent incompetent in 30 years.

    Entertaining terrorists, despots and dictators in this country while denying entry to a good and democratically elected leader. No accident.

  6. My thought exactly Muslim Conservative. When a President is allowed to flaut the country's consitutiton and democrats around the world cheer, what does that say to those who want freedom? Deride the movement for freedom, embrace those that call for our destruction and try to destroy our friends, what an embarrassment is POTUS.

  7. http://accuracy.org/newsrelease.php?articleID=2131