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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life Is Not Fair, And Neither Is Drudge

Life in the blogosphere is not fair. For weeks I have been beating the drum about the IRS being involved in our health care under Democratic proposals: IRS The New Health Care Enforcer (August 14, 2009).

I greatly appreciated the links from InstaPundit, American Thinker, and many others. But from Drudge Report, the biggest kahuna of them all, nothing.

So today Drudge links to a Byron York post at the Washington Examiner with the headline: IRS would become Obamacare's enforcer...

Just as well. If Drudge linked to me it probably would have crashed my blog. Crashed in a good kind of way.

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  1. Don't worry, you still have your loyal readers!

  2. did you ever see the recent South Park episode on the joke about fishsticks?

    In the episode, Jimmy Balmer comes up with a joke that catches fire all around the world. Cartman claims a part of the creative process, and wants to sue to get money from it, but Jimmy is like "I am just happy that something i created will bring others joy."

    Well, i can't guess what York's thought process. maybe its a coincidence, and maybe it is not. i don't know, can't guess. maybe someone read it, who said something to someone who said it to someone else, that York overheard on the subway. who knows?

    Point is, you should take satisfaction that your idea is out there and catching fire, and that there is a very good chance that because you said it, it is doing so.

    Of course a drudge link would have been nice, too.

  3. Not cool! Not cool at all! (I also wonder if Byron York owes you more than a hat tip...) >:-(

  4. I'm noticing.

    I sent Glenn Beck your column about revenge, hoping he'd interview you. I hope he does!

  5. Did you post your link(s) to "SEND NEWS TIPS TO DRUDGE [ANONYMITY GUARANTEED]"?

  6. Is it possible that Drudge did not see your post? Which begs the question where did Byron York find the snippet of information?

  7. Thanks for beating the drum. It is an absolute fact that folks of all political stripes really don't like the IRS and just that information alone turned some pro Obamacare people completely around.
    Thank you, Mr. Jacobson!

  8. Drudge virtually never links bloggers. I suspect he has quite a relation$hip with many in the state-run media. Bloggers link Drudge but he does not return the favor.

    I check Drudge religiously and have for 11 years, but I skip many of his salacious and silly links. For a supposed conservative (he's possibly more libertarian) he sure does muckrake in the soiled sheets of the knaves, scoundrels and criminals among us. My better half and I are strong conservatives and we now take Drudge in extremely small doses, spending much more time on conservative blogs and sites. This is not territory Drudge is interested in (neither are the lefty blogs). His bread and butter is the MSM.

    But I did find out about the IRS stuff in the statists' bill from you. :-) You are actually ahead of the Drudge Curve.