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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Don't Call Him Jimmy

How oddly circular and ironic that Jimmy Carter believes that most opponents of Obama's policies are racists. In fact, racism is not Obama's main problem. Jimmy Carter is.

In modern politics, the most damaging label a President can receive is to be compared to Jimmy Carter, whose legacy of foolishness and ineptitude is furthered by Carter's post-presidential antics.

In one fell swoop, Carter has demonstrated that rather than supposed racial animosities, what Obama need fear most is being called Jimmy Carter.

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  1. After betraying the Poles, Czechs, and Honduras, I'm starting to think a Jimmy Carter repeat might be a best case scenario. I wish I was exaggerating.
    And despite his words to the contrary, he's looking for a way to leave the Afghans high and dry, too. The Israelis had better get ready to stand on their own- he'll do all he can, short of firing on their planes, to prevent them from taking out the Iranian nuke facilities. And if the do attack Iran, as they must, he's going to use it as the pretext to cut off US aid to them.

  2. Are you referring to Jimmy Carter 2?


    When Jimmah was President we had the Iranian Revolution. He did nothing to help the Shah of Iran - that is ok to some extent because the Shah did some bad things... However, when Ahmanutjob and his band raided the USA embassy and then held the people in there hostage, that was a different matter... Jimmah did nothing...

    Now look what has happened:

    Iran - Nutjob stole the election and used the military to kill the people protesting. He is responsible for their imprisonment (as is Khamenei) and for the rape and torture of those prisoners. It is heart rending to hear those stories and so brave of the young men telling what happened.

    Hondura - Zelaya was acting in a criminal way. He was legitimately removed from power. Look who is demanding his reinstatement, and would do nothing about Nutjob's own coup.

    3. Betrayal of Poland and Czech Republic as he bows to the altar of Putin, the former KGB chief...

    The policy stance in my view is far worse than Jimmah Carter....

  3. Wall Street
    Art students
    9/11 snow job
    Chicken hawks
    Moving company
    Propaganda media
    DNC stealth neocons
    Anti-semitism accusers
    The chosen the superior
    2-3% of the US population
    Extortion blackmail bribery
    By deception ye shall wage war
    AIPAC's Israel-first dual-nationals
    For profit NotFederal NoReserve scam

    Words are plentiful deeds are precious!

  4. Hmmm. We had Billy Beer. How long before we are treated to George Hussein Onyango Obama's Hand-picked Organic Arugula (Ghoo-Hoa)?