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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glenn Beck's Revenge

I told you this was coming. Two weeks ago I predicted that when Glenn Beck returned from vacation, he would go on the offensive against Van Jones and the others behind the boycott of Beck's Fox News show.

This was the only available strategy, since the boycott only nominally was aimed at Beck. The real target was and is Fox News, and the ultimate goal is to take down the one non-liberal network. Fox could not let this happen, or O'Reilly and Hannity would be next.

This all stems from Beck's comment that Barack Obama was a "racist." I think Beck was wrong to use that term. But one can accept that Beck was wrong without calling for a boycott.

False accusations of racism unfortunately are so commonplace -- and almost always made by supporters of Obama -- that the comment hardly rose to the level needed to force someone off the air or to demand that the speaker recant under threat of an advertiser boycott. Most of all, liberal flame throwers like Keith Olbermann benefit from allowing controversial and often wrong statements to be made on television, such as when Olbermann called George Bush a fascist.

In the meantime, Beck's ratings are soaring. When the boycott, to the extent it has accomplished anything, wears off, Beck will have more viewers than ever and Fox News will have emerged stronger.

The real victims of the boycott may be people like Olbermann, since many of the advertisers supposedly boycotting Beck actually have pulled their advertising from all opinion shows. This will hurt MSNBC more than Fox News.

Now Beck gets his revenge. Beck played on the radio this morning a tape of Van Jones calling Congressional Republicans "assholes." The tape is making the rounds on the internet.

So using the speech standards imposed by the Beck boycotters, there should be a boycott of organizations at which Jones works. But wait, Jones works for Obama.

Not quite Checkmate for Beck, but at least Check.

UPDATE 9-3-09: Turns out Van Jones is a 9/11 Truther.

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  2. O...k... Ralph. I like Beck too but tone it down abit.

  3. Glenn Beck is awesome! You can watch his clips here:


    I'm so glad he's out there!!

  4. Yeah, Beck is "out there" all right. As you can see, some people think he's some sort of Prophet of the Apocalypse.

    I'm glad he's on YOUR side, not mine.

    How is what Van Jones said incorrect? I think he should stop pulling his punches. The Republican caucus is Congress is far, far worse than merely a**holes.

  5. "The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person, who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know, you know, there's a reaction that's been bred in our experiences that don't go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way, and that's just the nature of race in our society." - Barack Obama

  6. @jasperjava- What Van Jones said is incorrect because the woman's question actually addresses the failure of an administration with large majorities to find consensus among themselves to pass a signature bill. Republicans did it with less utilizing a better legislative strategy and building coalitions to get the job done. Obama is now left with choosing to throw the public option under the bus and going to war with his base or alienating permanently the majority of Americans to ram through unpopular reform. You'd think he would have worked all that out before he pulled out the full court press to sell a nebulous bill.

    Second point, Obama is the POTUS, choosing someone who, frankly, would never pass Congressional scrutiny and the public exposure that would likely follow was inept. That this chosen "special adviser" describes Republicans as assholes speaks volumes about Obama's real desire for bipartisanship.

  7. Barack Obama is a racist by any logical definition.
    His bitterness against whites, his deep seated resentment because white people have dominated our
    economic and political structures, his comments in his books and his 20 year association with one of the top racists in America.
    If it walks like a, well you know.

  8. The Republican Congress may have some a-holes in it but that doesn't make Van Jones suddenly awesome for saying so. If he were really about 'the people" he'd call everyone out, not just those who clash with his political views. He is a coward and a flash in the political pan. And a racist just like his boss.

  9. @MarySue,

    No, Republican legislators march in lockstep, and became a rubber stamp for the abuses of the B*sh regime. Now they march in lockstep, blocking necessary healthcare reform for pure partisan political gain. They are negotiating in bad faith, trying to wrest concessions when they have absolutely no intention of supporting reform no matter what the final bill is. The word "A**HOLES" doesn't even begin to cover the deceit, the craven malice, of these heartless, cruel, unfeeling, radical right-wing ideologues.

  10. jasperjava: the Democrats have control and a super majority. How then is it the "assholes" who are doing all the blocking?
    Is it possible that the Administration might have had more support from across the aisle if the Democrats had allowed inclusion in the writing of this Healthcare bill? or the massive stimulus bill? Or do you believe that only the Republicans EVER vote for purely partisan political gains and reasons?
    Only the Democrats are kind, feeling, caring realists?

  11. Goverment black or white is nasty, so is good that somebody is waching this president. Racism is in blacks whites and browns. I voted for Obama but i didn't vote for his "suspicious friends". So tk Beck for helping us open our eyes. I still like Obama but not his friends. Keep working hard you are the men!
    No al comunismo!
    Viva el capitalismo!

  12. Sorry to disagree, I do think Obama is a racist for many reasons. #1 He sat in racist and Anti Semitic Sermons for 20 yrs and never batted an eye. #2) His rapid attack on a White Cambridge Police Officer and 3) His nomination of Sonia Sotomayor despite her well known well documented racist comments.

  13. @jasperjava
    Cats and Quilts is correct. It's absurd to argue Republicans are blocking this reform. There is a massive majority in the House and 59 seats in the Senate. If Dems were of one mind on this, there is little Republicans could do to stop it.

    Bush angered his base with some of his policies such as No Child Left Behind that he negotiated with Ted Kennedy. There has been no real outreach like that from Obama. Had he reached out to the most conservative in the Senate such as Jim DeMint and negotiated until he found something that would gain wide support and DeMint turned around and blocked it, you would have a case. There was never going to be bipartisan support for something Obama couldn't even convince 59 in the Senate to vote for. Obama will end up losing the public option which was never negotiable from the Republican point of view and the co-ops were turning into another quasi government public monster like Fannie and Freddie. Negotiation is a two way street, a fact Obama will now find the hard way.

  14. to all those who agree with me that Obama is racist, you left out Gibbs and his comments earlier in the year....

    The POTUS is partisan. He promised a bi-partisan approach and he lied.

    The POTUS has been hanging around with racist blacks for more than 20 years and he has been expressing himself in racist terms.

    This is one of the many problems that outsiders can see.... it is a travesty that this particular man is POTUS.

  15. To Buck,

    If you had managed to read his books and even one that was written about him by Wolffe, Renegade, you would see that his father was black and deserted him and his loon anti-establishment mother. He was raised by white grandparents, yet his thoughts revolved solely on how to help blacks while he had to learn to suppress his hatred of whites.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Now it comes out Van Jones is a 9-11 Truther??? Wow. Van Jones has messed with the wrong Wacko, huh. What a headache for Obama!

  18. why was my post removed????!!! i said nothing vuglar, threating, or gross it was an honest oppinion Why was it removed?

  19. Can I say this?????
    IMO its not important if the president is a racist or not!! It only distracts from the truth.

    IMO the goverment is out of control!
    IMO i think it is wrong that Obama hasnt provided a birth certificate
    I fully believe with all my heart that he has friends that are communist and ex terriost advising him
    It is a fact the Govt. can turn your "new" car off remotely, and roll up your windows and lock your doors...
    Can i say the govt is IMO destroying farms to gain more control of our food.
    Can i say IMO i think we will wake up communist one day soon if we dont wake up.
    can i say Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!and we are well on our way....
    Can i say IMO i believe everyone should excercize their 2nd ammendment right
    and imo it would be wised to stash away as much food as possible right now b4 the price of food sky rockets? Will this make the blog?

  20. @jam - I will not allow anything on this blog that sounds like a call to arms, which is how the removed comment sounded.

  21. The post you removed was by no means a "call to arms" But if you interrupted it that way I'm sorry.

    Thank you for excepting the revised post.

    I don't believe ANYONE should bare arms with the hope of using them, I do believe however that all Americana's should posses at least one firearm strictly to"help" balance the power between the people and the government its at worst a strong detour ant. I am very optimistic that this country is waking up and that its not to late to stop this absurd robbing of our rights and the total lack of respect our elected officials have for our constitution.Glenn Beck has almost single handily exposed this bizarre affliction our country has seemingly overnight acquired. In reality i believe this has been a long thought-out patience plot to radically change this nation from capitalist to communist.

    Question, hypothetically speaking what recourse would "we the people" have if the federal government decided to declare our original constitution null and void?

    Would individual States have the right to follow the constitution regardless of what the Fed. government said? Would local police departments follow the Fed or state law?

    I know we are far far from that happening but it doesn't hurt to ask right?