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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brits Want Their Own Tea Party

A movement is growing in Britain to slash government spending rather than impose tax increases, according to the Sunday Times:
Voters are overwhelmingly in favour of cutting public spending rather than tax rises to close the budget black hole, a Sunday Times/YouGov poll finds today.

Sixty per cent want to shrink the size of the state to curb the £175 billion deficit amid mounting government disarray over the public finances.
British citizens face a prevailing political party completely in bed with public employee unions, just like here:
The prime minister is understood to have told union bosses during a private Chequers meeting last Friday that public sector jobs would be safe under a future Labour government....

George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, said: “This weak, isolated Labour leader is telling his election paymasters what they want to hear. In doing so, he leaves his cabinet split on . . . public spending and international confidence in the British economy undermined.”
As here, the answer is for the Brits to throw out the politicians who put political fundraising allegiances ahead of the financial security of the nation.

But the Brits couldn't exactly call it a Tea Party movement, could they now.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Please simplify the comment system on your blog. Let's have the comment and login all appear on the same page instead of having to preview in order to login. Thanks.

  2. I think they are entitled to call it a dunking party... They can dump British Politicians into the Thames instead. I would like to see many US politicians soaking their heads in the Potomac.

  3. "Politicians are like diapers.They should be changed frequently and for the same reason". Wish I could remember who said that. Really wish it had been me!
    Just ask yourself in whatever state and district you are in; are your elected representatives curbing spending? If not, vote them out asap.

  4. Movement name: "If it's Brown, flush it down"

  5. 175 billion? They call that a deficit? That's not the interest on the one The Obamanation has just saddled us with.

    175 billion. hardehar-dehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehardehar-har-har!

  6. @Grapp - I don't have control over that process. Complain to Google (good luck!) which runs the Blogger software.