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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maybe The Van Jones Vetters Didn't See These Problems As A Problem

A lot of people are asking "who vetted Van Jones?" or wondering how the Obama administration could have missed the problems. These are valid questions, but they miss the point.

Van Jones is a mainstream member of the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Like over half of all Democrats (as of May 2007) he either believed that George Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance or at least was unsure; he hated George Bush and called Bush bad names; he called Congressional Republicans some bad names; he supported Mumia Abu-Jamal; and he used race as a political weapon.

There is no reason to believe anything was "missed" in the vetting process. To the contrary, it is just as likely that no one paid any attention to these issues precisely because for the left-wing of the Democratic Party these issues are not problems.

Given the silence of the mainstream media, the vetters were mostly correct in their assessment. If not for the conservative blogosphere, all these "problems" would have been no problem at all.

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  1. Great points, this points to the fact that there is nearly nothing amongst the MSM chatter on this guy.......

  2. You're exactly right. The President of the United States and his advisers clearly have no problem with this communist as a direct adviser. Valerie Jarret made it clear that they have followed his work for some time.

    So what does that mean about President Obama, especially considering his statement that he is going to "transform" America?

  3. I think there is also a well founded belief on the administration's part that the MSM will dutifully ignore things like this. That they can bring in sketchy types, and the press will look the other way. And so far, they've been correct.

  4. I'm losing Hope, but I fear the Change is inevitable as long as there are Thugs like this in the President's ear with no audible watchdogs to bark at them.

  5. I'm sorry. What makes you think any of these guys were "vetted"?
    This is a HopeyChangeocracy!

  6. I agree with this. In fact, if Van Jones didn't draw attention to himself by going after Glenn Beck (which seems like another unprecedented, presidential advisor going after news show host), all this would have been under the radar.

    I don't find Van Jones's or Obama's or Reverend Wright's positions surprising at all because I've been around a lot of people who think like that: Marxist bigots, basically. What surprised me was that Obama won.

  7. I suggest dusting off the 3am phone call skit
    at http://www.hulu.com/watch/11933/saturday-night-live-3am-phone-call

    At 3:10 the priceless "this job is HARD" segment begins.

  8. You're the only person I've read that actually gets this right. Everyone wonders how the vetters missed something; they didn't. They picked him because of who he is.

    This appointment actually tells me more of who the MSM is than the White House. I already knew how far left the White House was.

  9. Oh, one other observation of the MSM. I see a lot of Internet posts screaming about the fact that the MSM has been so silent throughout this story.

    But the MSM actually took their masks off soon after the Dan Rather fiasco. They further revealed their colors during the election, making a conscious decision to buttress Obama and do in Hillary while they pillaged the Republicans in general and sort of suffered McCain.

    The question is when conservatives will wake up to the fact that the MSM has long given up trying to be non-partisan, even with facts. It was a huge strategic error, for example, for Sarah Palin to ever wander into the MSM lion's den. I wonder when the conservative Internet will realize it also. It's not worth a moment's discussion that they didn't vet or follow Van Jones.

    The sooner Conservatives understand that, the sooner their own roles and accompanying strategies become clearer. It's a 'know your enemy' thing. I'd appreciate your thoughts about that...