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Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Lawyer Stories

Two lawyer stories, each one has meaning:
  1. A 59-year-old lawyer with an Atlanta-based firm who was about to lose his job because of the economy was found dead in his Washington office yesterday of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police. The source said [Mark] Levy left a note in his home saying he loved his family and instructing his wife on how to handle finances and other matters. He apparently had spent some time recently getting his affairs in order, the source said. The source said Levy's 20-year-old son found the note yesterday morning and called Montgomery County police. An officer was at the home when someone called from the law firm. The officer spoke with the caller, learned of the suicide and then told the family, according to the source. (Link)

  2. Washington personal injury lawyer Charles Schulze, 73, of Schulze & Pederson died in his rescue of two drowning boys off Pompano Beach, Florida. Schulze was walking on the beach with his partner Helen Smith when he saw two boys in distress in the surf. He swam out and rescued the nine-year-old child first and was bringing back the twelve-year-old boy when he appeared to have a heart attack. (Link)

It's hard sometimes, but keep life in perspective.
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