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Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing The Nork Card

In an earlier post, I noted how one Huffington Post blogger, Allison Kilkenny, had called John Bolton "crazy" just five days ago for warning that North Korea was on the verge of another nuclear test. I wondered whether there would be an apology in light of the North Korean's nuclear test last night, and the answer is no apology.

Talk about crazy, how about this entry from Kilkenny's Twitter today, in which she worried about whether the term Norks (which appears to be used recently mostly by conservative bloggers as short-hand for North Koreans) is "considered offensive or racist."

I should have known, the North Koreans explode a nuclear device, and the Left is worried about political correctness:

Defining the term "Norks" as "offensive" or "racist" would be a game changer. Tag conservative bloggers and columnists who used the term "Norks" as racists, and shut down debate. I wonder where she learned that trick.

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  1. They have absolutely no sense of the here and now of what is going on. They could be standing at death's door and be worried about the possibility of being offensive to someone.

  2. This is fairly ridiculous "analysis," why bother to cherry pick a statement from a number of twitters(?) (posts of less than 140 characters), and then attach meaningless assumptions in an effort to attack the author?

    Further if Allison Kilkenny (self-described humorist-satirist--like the folks who bring us those great songs about Barack on the Rush Limbaugh show) aim is to use this "trick," this is the same political sleight-of-hand you use in your piece "Yglesias Uses Bigoted Slur To Object To Bigotry."

    I think you are projecting what your strategy would be in a similar situation rather than providing detailed analysis on Bolton by any of Bolton's peers on the left. For instance, what has Susan Rice written about N. Korea's nuclear testing?

    And that pretty much sums up everything I've read on your blog.

    There are a few good bits, but mostly it's enlarging the trivial to mask the critical while name-calling, and then complaining about hypocrisy and name-calling.

    I'm tired of professors of all political stripes using their positions in academia to push forth such nonsense worthy of Olberman and Hannity.

  3. I think it's disgraceful that in his press conference regarding North Korea's nuclear test, President Obama neglected to apologize to the North Koreans, to Kim Jong Il, to the North Korean army, and in fact to the whole world, for the hurtful and demeaning use of the word "Nork" by arrogant Americans. That should have been the entire subject matter of the press conference. Why of course they went and tested a nuclear bomb, what with being subjected to derogatory terms by Americans.
    Incidentally, does Allison Kilkenny look like a young Hillary Clinton?

  4. The term "Norks" has been used in the US Military for as long as I can remember, in a culture that has an affinity for communicating in short-hand.

    It's the same for Roks (South Koreans), Brits (British), Chicoms (PRC), Thais (Thailanders), Aussies (Australians), Krauts (Germans) and Japs (Japanese).

    As for Americans, we're called "Yanks" by foreign militaries although our Southern brethren take issue with the label. But just because they might take offense doesn't mean they feel self-pity over it.

    And if the libs want to play race-cards, that has more to do with their own racial chauvinism rather than our's.

  5. Insanity. Doesn't she realize that the Norks are our enemies?? They sing nursery rhymes to their children, about slaughtering Americans, for f**k's sake!
    Now, I'm currently stationed at Camp Casey, right smack in between Soyosan and Tongducheon... pretty close to the DMZ. Maybe I'm offended that an American citizen os worried about offending the Norks, when I'm primarily concerned with stay alive enough to fight them, if the cross the 38th Parallel, again.