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Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Heartbeats Away

Two heartbeats away from President Barack Obama, in the line of succession, sits the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Two heartbeats away from the Presidency sits someone who has alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly misled Congress as to the interrogation of terrorist detainees, thereby accusing the CIA of a massive and possibly criminal scheme.

Two heartbeats away from the Presidency sits someone whose accusations have been denied by the Director of the CIA appointed by Obama.

Two heartbeats away from the Presidency sits someone who has control over the legislative appropriations process which can have a critical impact on the safety and security of the nation, including the intelligence agency budgets.

The public needs to know whether the person two heartbeats away from the Presidency is telling the truth about what she knew and when she knew it.

The person two heartbeats away from the Presidency immediately should provide law enforcement officials with the evidence she has, including testimony under oath, to back up her allegations of criminal conduct by the CIA, so that a criminal investigation can proceed if warranted.

If the person two heartbeats away from the Presidency is not willing to put her own criminal liability on the line in making these accusations against the CIA, she should resign.

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  1. It is time for Nancy to go....

  2. In reality this should be none of my business. It is bad enough that the President is an empty suit that some are calling "aka Obama". I have no real wish to pursue that comment yet, one thing is teasing me.... he stated that he was a few months old when the Bay of Pigs fiasco took place. However, his birth certificate claims that he was born 3 August 1961 - 4 months after the fiasco. It begs the question about the honesty of the President and down the chain... this spy fiasco begs the question of Pelosi's honesty.

    This is far more serious than what Bill Clinton did when he was in the White House. What is happening now makes Clinton look quite good in comparison and that includes all of his known affairs prior to him winning the Presidential race, as well as what happened afterwards. The Peanut farmer.... well.... I can hardly believe that there is worse.

    Since your system is so different from ours, I should point out that here in Australia the Speaker of the House is neutralized. That person has the casting vote but is not in line for leadership. The system by which the leader of the winning side is appointed and can be overthrown in a party vote means that someone lying like Pelosi would not have the possibility to get the leadership.

    I feel sorry for people in the USA because they are saddled with politicians who have their heads firmly stuck in the pork barrel. Yes we have them as well... but....

  3. Of course she should resign. I am not sure she will. Because she is a Democrat, I think they will start to cover and excuse (the media, other Dems - they are already trying - no headines yesterday?) This is a true test of the double standard.

  4. Yeah, well, one heartbeat away isn't so great either.

  5. Two heart beats away is the best reason to hope and pray for the continued good health and well being of Obama and Biden.

  6. I'm with TigerHawk. According to the order of succession, it's Biden, Pelosi, Byrd, Clinton, Geitner, Gates, Holder, Salazar, Vilscak, Locke, Solis, Sebelius, Donovan, LaHood, Chu, Duncan, Shinseki, Napolitano. As Instapundit likes to opine in jest, we're in good hands.

  7. This post makes very little objective sense, it is just partisan nonsense. Plenty of Republicans have called the CIA to the carpet about the veracity of explanations on a wide-variety of issues.

    Given the secretive nature of the CIA and the history of intelligence agencies involvement in areas that required the evasion of the control of congressional authority I'd relax the nonsensical rhetorical devices.

    [The Iran-Contra affair comes to mind as well as George Tenet's role in the evidence for the Iraq war.]

    Also, "two heartbeats" doesn't really work as it implies two beats from one heart. Further you are basically ignoring succession in a practical fashion, the Pres. would have to die before a replacement VP was named -- provided for by the 25th Amendment, so your framework is pretty awkward on two counts.

    Lastly, if this is the standard for veracity and criminal liability concerning torture I am all for it!

    But, who is next after Pelosi?

    More importantly, given your commendable new standard of truth regarding torture, why would Pelosi be first?