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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Come Back Home, Arlen

You've been a bad boy, Arlen Specter. After all we did for you; making you Chair of the Judiciary Committee when we had the majority, and minority leader of the committee when we were in the minority. Supporting you against Pat Toomey five years ago. Letting you wander where ever you wanted on issue after issue. You drove us crazy, but you were ours.

But you acted like a spoiled child after we yelled at you for selling us out on the Stimulus Plan. And what did you do? You ran away from home into the arms of Harry Reid. We warned you about him. We told you that he would not be true to you, and that you would end up hurt and alone.

Don't want to say it, but we told you so. Harry Reid promised you seniority to get you into the Democratic bed, and then he cast you aside after he'd gotten what he wanted. You only had one seniority to give, and you lost it. So who is going to want you now?

We do. Come back home Arlen.

All is not forgiven, but we are ready to Move On. Call it a gimme, a do-over, whatever you like. Stand on principle. A deal is a deal. You are a man of your word, and you expect others to stand by their man's word.

Come back to the Republican caucus, we are so desperate we will take you back. And remember what that bad Harry Reid did to you when it comes time to vote.

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  1. geez, the dems can't help but ruin things for them.

    And that is assuming Franken wins. From what i have seen, the Supremes would have to actually disavow Bush v. Gore in order to deny Coleman's claims. This recount has been a clear violation of that precedent.

  2. Is this coming from the man who posted http://legalinsurrection.blogspot.com/2009/05/ransom-of-chief-specter.html ? and http://legalinsurrection.blogspot.com/2009/04/specter-defection-will-haunt-dems-on.html

    I don't know if I want Arlen back Prof, but I do know, I want some of that chit that you had been smoking this morning.

    Can we at least get a chair on boards of GM, Chrysler, AIG, BofA if we are going to take Specter back, after all we have some cronies and lobbyists that we need to take care of too.

  3. Wake up, law man. Arlen is toast.

    Pennsylvania cannot elect Arlen. Arlen will be 80-years old in 2010, and if elected, will be a freshman Senator. Most likely, because of age, he will only serve one term and then Pennsylvania will have to elect a new – FRESHMAN! – Senator. The Keystone State can’t have a one-term Senator, they will lose out on years of seniority growth. That is far too long a time to give up. Not only will the both parties have to go with another and younger, the state also has to look to its best interests. Pennsylvania has to go with someone much younger.

    Last: “After all we did for you; making you Chair of the Judiciary Committee when we had the majority (and you had the seniority, while conservatives, including Majority Leader Frist, went after you for daring to say the Senate is likely to reject staunchly antiabortion nominees to the Supreme Court!), and minority leader of the committee when we were in the minority (and you still had the seniority!). Supporting you against Pat Toomey five years ago (despite our allowing Toomey to even run against a senior Senator). Letting you wander where ever you wanted on issue after issue. You drove us crazy, but you were ours.” He’s still yours.

  4. No, we don't want him back. We want him to dangle in the wind, a demonstration to other would-be "Republican" sell-outs that playing footsie with the Democrats is a bad idea.

  5. From what I've read, it seems that Specter thinks that he will get get his full seniority and chairmanships back if he wins in 2010.

    Even if he does win in 2010, I think that he will be hung out to dry by the Dems again. One voice-vote and poof, he's sucking hind tit again.

    If he is really steamed about his treatment by the Dems, he would be well advised to go out (and he IS going out) in a blaze of glory. Loudly proclaim that the Dems have screwed him, return to the Repubs, vowing to retire and throw his support behind Toomey. This is the only way for him to salvage whatever is left of his reputation.

  6. Nahh. Churchill is right, you can't "re-rat". What is most glaring here is not duplicity or lack of loyalty or anything like that... it is Specter's sheer stupidity and lack of political acumen (which is suprising). His "pricipled" vote against some important Democratic measures right out of the gate are well and wonderful.... but WTF??

    If he was going to vote like that, WHY leave the GOP firing broadsides as he went? And if he really DOES believe more as a Democrat (which is the only possible moral justification for jumping ship) then again, WTF with these votes. Even if he is sincere, this was certainly no the time politically for him as a new Democrat to vote that way. He could even have just abstained and shut up. OR he could have seen the votes coming and, hello, bizarre thought... stayed with being a frustatingly liberal Republican.

    But his behavior leaves EVERYONE's heads spinning, wondering if at 80 years old, he has just plain lost it. Yes, the GOP is in dire straights, but we don't need the likes of a Senator who would behave this way.

    History, BTW, has a number of cold war figures who did defect, and DID "re-rat" (Lee Harvey Oswald was one). The ones who were not executed (on the Soviet side) wound up, on both sides, broken, bitter, drunken, nobodies or worse.

    Are there ANY lessons that history has not already taught us?

  7. Looks to me like he found his rightful home with the Dems. He should stay there until he rots.

  8. No thanks, we don't want or need him back.

    Specter has already proven himself a turncoat. It's bad enough that he was a RINO. It's time for Pennsylvania to move beyond Specter and elect a real conservative.

  9. As I wrote on my blog:

    "But as a matter of principle, I'm becoming much more comfortable with the Democrats' approach."

    Hello again Arlen:

    Well its a good thing you are much more comfortable with the Democrats' approach to things now that you are with 'em in both name and inclination. From where I stand, its looking like they do indeed share your "principles." Still, I think it must have come to you as something rather worse than a bad surprise to suddenly be a junior senator again. So much for Democrat promises.... hehehehe

    As the saying goes: "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it."