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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remember Ilan Halimi

Gateway Pundit has a good update on the murder of Ilan Halimi:

Ilan was lured to his death by a woman he had met in his telephone store. They met up late on the night of January 20, 2006, in one of Paris's southern suburbs, Bagneux. She was what is called a "honey pot." She lured Ilan from his home and into the hands of a group of local radical Islamists called the Barbarians. They targeted him because he was a Jew. The Barbarians had connections with Hamas. They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They tortured him and invited their friends and family over to torture him. They cut him and burned him with cigarettes and in the end stabbed him in the neck, poured flammable liquid on him, set him on fire, and pushed him from a train. Ilan died that day....

This week, two years after his murder, Choc Magazine published a new photo of Ilan.
Go to Gateway Pundit for the photo, and more. And remember what we are up against.

There is no difference between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the person who beheaded Daniel Pearl and now is in custody at Gitmo, and thousands of Islamist radical wannabees. They kill not because of anything we did, or even because of who we are, but because of who they are. And who they are cannot be changed through apologies by us.

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