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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trump Trumps Thought Police

On the controversy surrounding Miss California's statement at the Miss USA pageant that she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, Donald Trump embarrassed those in Hollywood and the left-wing blogosphere who tried to portray her answer as hate speech or bigoted. In a single sentence, Trump exposed the utter hypocrisy of the thought police:

“It's the same answer that the president of the United States gave."

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  1. I don't think Perez Hilton (whatever his real name is) or others are "bigots" but they do throw around the word too loosely and try to use the accusation to stifle open discussion.

  2. Watching Hilton lambaste Prejean was like watching Men on Films doing film critiques from the show In Living Color

  3. Prejean's statement would not have been controversial had Perez not reacted like an indignant fop. I'm glad it got turned around on him.

  4. Raises my opinion of Mr. Trump a bit.

  5. I have been following this via a gay blog - they were anti Perez Hilton.

    The left thought that they had managed to really get Carrie because of their discovered photos. They really believed that Trump would take away her crown.

    What was sickening about the incident was the disgusting language used against this young woman. All she did was state her opinion. She uttered nothing that was hate speech, but Hilton tried to play the victim card - because they lost on Prop 8. He saw Carrie in the same way that he and his hoodlums saw the Mormons over that vote. She did nothing that was wrong.

    Trump did the right thing in pointing out the hypocrisy of the left-gay lobby over their attacks.

    This girl was even attacked by feminists because she spoke the honest truth.

    Needless to say that in the end it has been Truth that has triumphed.

  6. I can't say that I agree with Trumps hair, uh, I mean, um ... something alive on his head .... what was I saying?

    Anyways, kudos to Trump for standing up to the PC crowd. Perez was just mad that a hot guy backstage was looking at Prejaen instead of him.