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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulus Plan Already Creates Jobs - For Get Rich Quick Artists

The Stimulus Plan already has created jobs -- for people hawking get rich quick schemes, sorry I mean, providing shady advice for a fee on how to grab your piece of the stimulus pig-fest crap sandwich, sorry again, I mean providing professional advice on how fill out the papers necessary to qualify for government grants.
P.S.: It's not too early for "I told you so" or to tell Barney Frank to take this job and ...

UPDATE: These ads are being spread through Google Ads, which automatically place links on websites -- such as this one (scroll towards bottom of left column) -- which subscribe. Sure enough, just a few minutes ago I checked, and a link to the ad below was on MY BLOG!

Whose economy is this going to stimulate? Notice in the photo they are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. How about this for a T-Shirt idea:

I got my stimulus check, and all I could afford was this lousy trip to Paris.
UPDATE No. 2: Put a link in the Comment section to the most hideous ads you can find about the stimulus plan, and I'll post jpegs of them here.

Sad. Do people really think they are going to get money?

FINALLY: Someone with the honesty to call it a trillion dollar stimulus plan


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