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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

$1 Trillion "Downpayment" For Health Insurance Announced

An Obama spokesman has just announced that the likely "downpayment" on Obama's plan to expand health insurance coverage over the next decade will exceed $1 trillion. That's above and beyond what presently is paid through medicare and medicaid.

The question is, what percentage of the total bill does this "downpayment" represent? Will this be another social-engineering loan with a low downpayment? 5%? 10% How much are we putting down, or should I say, are our children and grandchildren putting down as a percentage of the total cost?

Obama's speech before Congress spoke of universal health insurance and education through college for everyone. What comes after a trillion, just so we can get our vocabulary straight in advance?

Nationalization of education and health care for everyone through age 22 or so. That pretty much covers everything. What do kids, teenagers, and college students do? They go to school, and sometimes to the doctor. These plans for "free" education and health insurance put an entire generation of people on the government dole for much of their social and economic lives.

Raising a government-dependent generation. That sounds like a plan to me. And not a good plan.
UPDATE: Don't be fooled by the headlines touting a $646 billion price tag (as if that's not enough). The$646 billion represents the tax increases being proposed: "President Barack Obama will propose $634 billion in tax hikes on upper-income taxpayers and cuts to government health spending to pay for health-care reform over the next 10 years, an administration official said Wednesday."

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