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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Closet Conservative Spreads Bread Upon The Waters

Another fed-up, closet conservative has started a blog, Bread Upon The Waters. Check it out. Here's part of the first post, which expresses the frustration -- and fear of discovery -- so many of us felt before we liberated ourselves and came out of the conservative closet:
Not long ago a friend of some years confided to me, for the first time, that his political views are conservative. This was a sign of trust, and also an indication that he had found me out--my views are conservative too. "I don't tell people around here that I'm a conservative," he offered. "I don't want to lose friends. I like people with all kinds of beliefs, but in this town, if you tell someone that you're a conservative, they think you have fangs...."

Times being what they are, I am casting this small loaf upon the waters of the Internet, in the certain knowledge that there are many other conservatives like myself with few kindred spirits at hand with whom to have what Ben Franklin's sister Jenny referred to as "suitable conversation." Perhaps we can recognize each other as friends.
But this blogger is not completely out of the closet, yet. No personally identifying information on the blog. We'll know he/she has arrived when name, rank, and serial number are posted.


  1. "Coming out of the closet" in a liberal city, surrounded by loud mouthed liberals, and with liberal friends is intimidating.
    Conservatives are more tolerant of opposing views than liberals and a not as likely to go all Sean Penn on you for not agreeing with him
    I enjoy your site.

  2. "a liberal city, surrounded by loud mouthed liberals" -- is there really such a place? I hope I never have to live there! Thanks!