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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Obligatory "Palestinian Baby Lying On The Ground" Photo

Good news. Israel opens the border crossing with Gaza -- in between missile attacks from Hamas -- to allow the export of tens of thousands of carnations. Wait a second, I thought Gaza was a wasteland on the verge of humanitarian catastrophe (along with the U.S.).

But of course, we can't allow unadulterated good news to seep through. So the NY Times runs the story with a photo of women tending flowers, with the obligatory Palestinian baby lying on the floor next to them in the foreground of the photo, just to remind everyone about how the mean Israelis hurt Palestinian babies. I suppose the baby just happened to be lying there when the photographer showed up.

Or is this more staged anti-Israel fauxtography, with a strong subliminal message, from a photographer who's been there, done that.


  1. Thank you for posting this important observation. The NY Times and friends have plenty of blood on their hands: their obsession with the "Palestinian baby lying on the floor" practically begs Hamas to provide them with more photo-ops. If that means that they'll have to kill some poor child, so be it.

  2. That baby hardly looks as though it's starving, does it? Look at all those bags behind them. Full of what? Flour, cement, rice? Three fat ladies too...