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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stimulus Grants For Republicans? Say It Ain't So

This must be some sort of plot to undermine Republican opposition to Obama's stimulus plan. Online marketers of "free government money" get-rich-quick schemes now are targeting Republicans:

Where did I find this? Through a Google Ad over at Finkelblog. Seems like Mark's audience must have been marked by Google Ads as "Republicans" so ads targeting Republicans pop up on his blog.

Here's the Google Ad from Legal Insurrection Blog:This teaser link leads to a website targeting Taxpayers. So Legal Insurrection Blog readers must be marked as being Average Joe Taxpayers:

Legal Insurrection Blog is recognized by the geniuses at Google Ads as a home page for taxpayers in need of cash. Sounds about right.

One thing about this ad, though. Why spell taxpayers "tax payers"? "Taxpayer" is defined as: "One that pays taxes or is subject to taxation." When you separate out the terms, it might take on a deeper meaning. One of the definitions of "tax" is: "A burdensome or excessive demand; a strain." The definition of "payer" is: "One that pays." So put the two together, and you get "One that pays a burdensome or excessive demand." Is this on line marketer sending subliminal messages, or have I lost my mind, or both?

Regardless of whether you say "taxpayer" or "tax payer" one thing is clear. Legal Insurrection Blog must be the home of those who pay burdensome and excessive demands, or the algorithms at Google Ads wouldn't say so.

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