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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daschle Withdraws - Yes We Can, Can, Can

Tom Daschle, under a cloud of income tax evasion, has withdrawn from consideration for the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Daschle could not stand the heat not only of his current tax problems, but also the exposure of his previous tax avoidance when he claimed a homestead exemption for a mansion in Washington, D.C.

This is a significant blow to Obama's plans to nationalize health care. Daschle was selected because his connections and the goodwill he has with Senate Republicans were thought to make him the perfect stalking horse. While Daschle's departure does not mean the end of nationalized health care, this is a major setback.

Let this be a lesson. The best medicine for the plan to create a nation of dependents on government handouts is to shed light on the hypocrisy of those pushing the agenda. There is no better example than the pork-filled "stimulus" monstrosity working it's way through Congress, which feeds every hungry congressional mouth at the expense of future generations.

Just say no, start all over, sit down in the snow. Or in the words of the Obamamaniacs, yes we can, can, can.
UPDATE: Told you so: "Daschle allies who were hoping that he would prevail in administration debates over whether or not to make a full-court press for universal healthcare this year worry that his withdrawal means the issue will be put on the back burner." And also, "Does this episode--and Daschle's absence--make the task of enacting health care reform harder? Yes, although how much harder is difficult to say right now."


  1. Daschle's out of the mix, but S-CHIP is signed into law. I hate to ask it, but who do you think is ahead in nationalizing healthcare?

  2. How can you give free healthcare to the children, but not the parents? Does that answer your question as to who is ahead?