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Monday, February 23, 2009

An Idaho "Racist" and Eric Holder

Larrey Anderson is a frequent contributor to, and an editor of, American Thinker. I've spoken with and corresponded with Larrey numerous times in connection with several of my articles published at A.T. One thing that always jumped out at me is how much Larrey talked about his kids and grand kids.

I guess Larrey is one of those people Eric Holder would characterize as a "coward" and "racist" without knowing anything about Larrey. Larrey's from Idaho, which in Eric Holder's Washington world is almost as bad as being from Alaska; he's involved with a conservative website; he's pro-Second Amendment, believes that "hate crime" legislation is unfounded since we should punish actions not thoughts, is a defender of property rights, and, horrors, questions the science behind the "global warming" hysteria. In all, Eric Holder would have a field day with Larrey Anderson.

Except that Larrey Anderson is having none of it. Read his article, published today at A.T., Racism, Eric Holder, my Son and Me. For the punch line, you'll have to read the article, but here are some of my thoughts, which somewhat echo Larrey's point.

There is a cottage industry of race consultants, hucksters and political flame-throwers who talk about race endlessly because it serves their hidden agendas. That agenda may be monetary, ideological, or political.

And there is the vast majority of people in this country who simply go about their lives treating everyone fairly without regard to, or need to comment on, race. This does not mean that there is no racism left in society, it simply means that talking about race may not be the real answer to the problem. The lack of comment on race does not reflect cowardice, but the fulfillment of what was supposed to be Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream.

But dreams die hard. Particularly for people with an agenda which necessitates perpetual agitation on race issues.

As for Larrey Anderson. Read the article. Then tell me if he is a coward or racist.

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  1. Not to offer excuses to the race hucksters or Eric Holder, but it is necessary to understand that we are still a society in a state of flux. The '60s were not that long ago. My father-in-law attended segregated schools in the South and I'm not that old. There continues to be distrust in the black community, discomfort and dislike (reactionary or otherwise) in the white community. These are problems that should be addressed. While Holder's comments and more specifically his intent- a p.c., one-way, accusatory "conversation" is not the answer, neither is silence on the subject.
    A big problem is that anytime you want to begin an honest coversation on race someone screams "racist" for deviating from the established "truths." The Rev. Wrights and Sharptons of this world want people (black and white) to stay silent and separate so they can continue to spray venom, drive people further apart, and gain political clout and pocket money for it. What we need is realism and an honest conversation on race (which is highly unlikely in this environment). I wrote about this (shameless plug) in my own blog: Critical Narrative.