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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stupidest Anti-Bush Comment Of The Day, Week, Month, Year, Century, Millennium

I have thought about opening up this blog, as many do, to multiple bloggers. It would make the work load much easier, but it carries the huge risk that one of the co-bloggers would say something really stupid, and the taint would rub off on me. So, at an excellent law blog, one I read often even though I don't always agree, one of the co-bloggers (not the one whose name is in the title) makes what possibly is the stupidest statement anyone, anywhere (including Keith Olbermann), ever has said about George Bush:
I am optimistic because of the simple fact that we are witnessing a transition of power today. Before the 2004 election, people wondered openly whether the Bush crowd would even surrender power were they to lose at the polls. While there is still legitimate doubt about what happened during that election, the outcome in 2004 did not allow us to test whether or not an overtly corrupt administration would allow itself to be replaced and would turn over the power of the government to those with whom it disagrees.
Really. I don't remember anyone worrying that the Bush administration would refuse to cede power should it lose the 2004 election, or that at the end of two terms, Bush would refuse to transition to a new administration. But then again, I wasn't reading blogs in 2004.


  1. So "people wondered openly whether the Bush crowd would even surrender power were they to lose at the polls" hmm? Huh. Perhaps the problem is that the word "people" is too general in this useage. "Unrealistic, fringe-dwelling, leftist bloggers" might be a more accurate noun.

  2. You can always say things like: "some say...", "there are people who think...", "critics believe", etc.

    If you say those magic words you somehow waive all responsibility for the next stupid idea that comes out of your mouth.

  3. And the White House guards were not wearing uniforms that ended up being bought by a Midwestern high school band either, as they were in Nixon's last term.

  4. How soon even gifted legal minds forget. Bill Moyers, 2004:

    During a November 2004 election-night panel discussion on PBS, Moyers said: "I think if [Democratic presidential candidate John] Kerry were to win this … in a tight race, I think there'd be an effort to mount a coup, quite frankly. ... I mean that the right wing is not going to accept it."