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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Even More Childish Reasons To Support Sanjay Gupta

Yesterday I posted Support Sanjay Gupta Since Michael Moore Hates Him. A nice, tight little piece joking how the mere fact that Michael Moore hates Sanjay Gupta is enough for me to support Gupta for Surgeon General. A little tongue-in-cheek humor trying to make a point through hyperbole.

Alas, I have offended a Michael Moore supporter and Sarah Palin hater, who lambasts me for supporting someone just because another person doesn't like the person I support (the italics are quoting my original post):

William A. Jacobson is not dumb, per his web blog - Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY. That doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of having dumb thoughts, Support Sanjay Gupta Since Michael Moore Hates Him

I don’t know much about Gupta, other than that he makes a good appearance on television. But if Michael Moore hates him, Gupta must be an honest person and is worthy of consideration.

Gupta wouldn’t be my first choice, but if selected will probably do a commendable job as Surgeon General. Routing for Gupta because you don’t like someone that doesn’t like him is something I’d expect from a seven year old.

Jeez, I'm offended that you are offended that I am offended by Michael Moore. Lighten up. Must all discussions of all issues be conducted in the somber manner of Al Gore at a Save The Earth convention? Do you really think that I support Sanjay Gupta just because Michael Moore hates him?

Hardly. I also support Gupta so that I won't have to see him when I don't watch the "all bias, all bull" network; so that Gupta can serve as the "mascot of post-racial era"; so that someone from Novi, Michigan makes it big; to make John Conyers mad; and most of all, because Paul Krugman hates Gupta even more than Michael Moore hates Gupta. Take that, all you seven year olds.

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