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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Providence Journal Columnist Compares Israel To Auschwitz Prison Guards

In a guest column in The Providence Journal, Susanne Garrison Hoder of Tiverton, Rhode Island, "founder of the Interfaith Peace Initiative," compares Israel to Auschwitz prison guards:

"The new movie The Reader is a powerful drama about a young man who discovers that a woman from his past served as a prison guard at Auschwitz. The most disturbing revelation was that she had refused to unlock the doors of a burning church where 300 Jews had taken refuge for the night. Despite their screams and pleas, all those inside perished.

At this moment, Israel is doing something very similar to the people of Gaza."

I guess this is the Middle East version of Godwin's law. The more far left "peace" activists try to convince you that Israel is to blame for everything, the more likely they are to end up comparing Israelis to Nazis.

Oh, and add to that attempts to de-legitimize Israel by throwing around words like "apartheid" and calling for economic boycotts of "companies that benefit from Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands" and the Interfaith Peace Initiative should rename itself the Interfaith Coalition of Useful Idiots.

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