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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Left Lied The Country Into Accusing Bush Of Lying Us Into War!

An air strike from a Predator drone killed 15-20 people in the tribal areas of Pakistan yesterday. According to most reports, the targets were al-Qaida operatives. Presumably, the CIA, NSA, and other government intelligence agencies had intelligence information as to the location of the operatives in a specific house at a specific time, justifying President Barack Obama personally giving the go ahead to the strike. If Obama did not specifically approve the strike contrary to reports, then people operating under his command would have done so in his name.

This raises an important question. What if the intelligence were wrong? Would that make Obama a liar? Did Obama or his administration "lie us" into killing innocent civilians? Or worse, did Obama undertake the strike knowing that innocent civilians, including most likely the wives and children of the operatives, would be killed? Was this proportional to the threat posed by a few guys sitting in a house in Pakistan? Weren't the operatives entitled to their day in court and pro bono lawyers from the nation's leading law firms and law schools prior to execution? We may have killed a few bad guys, but didn't we just create hundreds of new bad guys as a result of killing civilians?

Why aren't the mainstream media or Democratic party politicians asking these questions, or making outright accusations that Obama "lied us" into war, as happened when the Bush administration relied on intelligence information which turned out to be wrong. The lack of questioning exposes the hypocrisy of the mainstream media, the Democratic Party, and the left in this country. It turns out that all the hurumphing which spewed forth from the throats of the New York Times, MSNBC, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the broad nutroots blogosphere was just politics as usual.

Turns out, the left lied the country into accusing George Bush of lying us into war!

For the record, I applaud Obama's willingness to attack suspected al-Qaida operatives hiding in Pakistan or elsewhere. But I'd feel a lot better if Obama would apologize for all the nasty things he said about Bush lying us into war, now that Obama is the one who needs to make life and death decisions based upon intelligence reports.


  1. Oh no no no, did you not get the memo? We are now in "Can't we all just get along?" mode. I see as well that you made an unpopular reference to Obama, well then you are obviously a racist for it is written "when what is right is wrong then we are stuck with what is left." so sayeth the "Hey we won" good book chapter Pelosi-n-Reid. Gawd bless de Ameri- cah ah ah yeah yeah.