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Saturday, January 3, 2009

SiteMeter Envy

I recently identified Blogger Mood Disorder, "a condition in which one's mood swings up and down in sync with the level of blog traffic."

The Other McCain (the one who has never lost an election) then identified two syndromes related to BMD, "SiteMeter Fever" and "Bloggernoia." These syndromes focus only on one's behavior towards one's own blog site, and ignore the equally important:

SiteMeter Envy. While not easily defined, there are two commonly accepted definitions:
(1) The point in a blogger's development at which the blogger realizes that other blogs have more traffic, and always will; or (2) the obsessive refreshing of other bloggers' SiteMeters to see if their traffic has increased since the last time you checked it, seven minutes ago.
Shameless traffic whoring remains just a moral failing, but not a diagnosable disease.

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