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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hugo Chavez Plays Joe Kennedy For A Fool - Funny

Update 1/8/2009: Hugo has changed his mind, after intervention by or on behalf of Joe Kennedy. Apparently, the goodwill of a Kennedy is more important to Hugo than providing for his own people.
Joe Kennedy shamelessly aligned himself with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez to provide home heating oil for the poor. Obtaining home heating oil assistance is good; providing propaganda points for an anti-American political bully who represses the press, intimidates all political opposition, aligns himself with Iranian Mullahs, and provides military assistance to terrorist groups in neighboring countries, well that's not so good.

Joe Kennedy lectured others on the purity of his endeavor as only a Kennedy can. In a letter to Congressman Connie Mack, Kennedy lectured the Congressman who complained about Kennedy's deal with Chavez:

If your moral indignation requires that we not accept the discount oil to distribute to our most vulnerable families, then that same high moral standard should require that you not drive your car because it, too, probably uses gasoline made from Venezuelan oil. Nor should you be willing to fly to Washington because the airlines are using Venezuelan jet fuel. Heaven forbid that critics of our program stay warm with Venezuelan heating oil as they compose diatribes against charity. And you certainly shouldn't flick your Bic because it fires up Venezuelan benzene.

Joe Kennedy, Chavez's useful idiot, has been shown to be just that. Chavez has announced that he is suspending the home heating oil assistance. Rather than finding a durable solution to the cost of home heating oil, like more domestic drilling, Kennedy fell into the embrace of an anti-American tyrant, and now the poor will go without heat.

So Joe, I think I have a solution. Call up uncle Teddy, cousin Caroline, and the rest of your family. Give up your fortunes, and buy the home heating oil yourself, and donate it to the poor.

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  1. Bravo! Excellent idea! And, Joe, if you set up yet another 501(c)(3), your donation will be tax deductible!