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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Add "Blogger Burnout" To The List Of Blogger Ailments

Professor Stephen Baindridge, of "Professor Baindridge" fame, is simplifying and scaling back his blog as a result of "suffering for a while now from a severe case of blogging burnout." When one of the "giants" of blogging needs a break, one has to wonder if this is where Blogger Mood Disorder will lead me, after I deal with Internet Addiction Disorder, SiteMeter Envy, SiteMeter Fever and Bloggernoia.

The web is stuffed with supposed cures for Blogger Burnout. But I'm not sure any of them will work. Is reading blogs about blogs really the way to go? Isn't that like keeping digging when you're in a hole? Anyway, here is what one blog suggests:
1. Pick a broad enough niche
2. Choose a posting schedule you can sustain
3. Choose a blog style that suits your personality
4. Read, read, read!
Oh, that's a help. This is a race, right? One I can't win so I should stop trying, right? Will I ever get to the point where people will contact me and say: "You haven't posted anything in five or six hours. Are you OK?"

Somebody remind me, why did I start this?
UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain, a real writer, has his own take on Bainbridge Syndrome, a/k/a Blogger Burnout?

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